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the spanish went to war

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What were the causes of Filipino revolt?

Filipino revolts against the Spanish colonizers were mostly triggered by the forced labor imposed by the Spaniards, and the abuses done by Spanish officials and friars.

Why were romans against jews?

To retaliate for the revolt of the Jewish Zealots, and later the Bar Kokhba rebellion.

Philippine revolt during the Spanish time?

There were many attempts at revolt and revolution against the Spaniards in the 333 years of Colonial Spanish domination of the Philippines. The first serious attempt was made in 1587 and 1588 with support frim Japan and Brunei in what is called the conspiracy of the Maharlikas or the Tondo Conspiracy. It was leaked to the Spaniards in the early days of the plot. Those conspirators who were not executed were exiled to Mexico.

What is unique about the Spanish colonization of New Mexico?

It was overthown by the Pueblo Revolt which expelled thee Spaniards for 12 years.

Did the Spanish and the Philippines have a war?

The Philippines were in revolt against Spain.

Was the silang revolt successful?

The Silang Revolt against the Spanish occupation in the Philippines ended in defeat. One of its leaders, Gabriela Silang was executed by Spanish authorities.

Why did the natives of New Mexico revolt against Spanish settlers?

the natives of New Mexico revolt against Spanish settlers because Spanish priests and soldiers burned their sacred objects and prohibited native rituals The Spanish also forced natives to work for them and sometimes abused them physically

Why did native Americans of New Mexico revolt against the Spanish?

The Spanish were killing them, enslaving them, taking their women and wealth.

Why did the pueblos revolt against the Spanish in 1680?

Because they were not able to practice their native religion

What made the Philippines fight the Spanish people?

They were in Revolt against harsh treatment in reconcentration camps.

When did Mexico gain dependence?

Mexico gained its independence on September 16, 1810. This date marks Mexico's "cry of independence," which is when they staked a revolt against the Spaniards.

What 's the actual conflict in Cuba during the Spanish-American War?

Cubans were in a revolt against the Spanish Colony.

Did the Spaniards leave New Mexico?

yes, after the Pueblo Revolt drives them out.

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