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None. It was Noah who had the ark.


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YES, bears are related to pigs more than dogs. Many people find this hard to believe, but it is true. Like humans are related to monkeys, their DNA is the same. The bears and the pigs are both from the swine family. Bears and pigs are related more than bears and dogs are.

there were cats dogs horses pigs and cows

They are actually smarter than dogs and many primates.

Teddy Roosevelt had many pets he had over 20 from dogs to cats to pony's to pigs to genny pigs to donkeys and even to zebras!!!!!

Dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, cows, horses and many many more.

A Kagu has many enemies, dogs, cats, pigs, and rats. Dogs and cats eat the Kagus, and the pigs and rats eat the Kagu eggs Some hunters hunt Kagu's down for their meat too.

There is actually many enemies of guinea pigs and a few common ones are : dogs, foxes and large birds, in the wild there much more.

Inguinal hernias are common in many quadrupeds including pigs, cats, and dogs. They are thought to be congenital disorders.

Cats, dogs, lions, bunnys, hamsters, pigs, horses, AND MANY MANY MANY MORE :p

pigs, many others also, my favorite are dogs they dream too.

Dogs, cats, chickens, horses, lambs, pigs, esc. Many animals that are not wild.

Makeup is not made of pigs blood but some cosmetics do contain bone and cartilage. Pigs blood is more common in the food market, many people make blood pudding and add pigs blood to soups for flavor.

People, horses, cows, dogs, cats, pigs, squirrels, rats, mice, prairie dogs, mountain lions, foxes and many others.

Yes. In some countries, dogs are also viewed as a food source. While it does sound sickening to many people who grow up in environments where dogs are viewed pets (ex. USA and Japan), it isn't really different from eating pigs. After all, pigs have been proven to be more intelligent than dogs, yet we frequently mistreat them and eat them.

Its an animal that has been breed to a certain point that it can be a pet or livestock .Cats ,dogs , pigs ,and many more animals are are domestic. Dogs used to be wolfs but people started to mix them and they slowly turned to dogs.

Many cultures eat dogs. American Indian tribes once ate dogs. Pigs are actually just as smart as dogs. The reason why many in the West feel uncomfortable around the idea is because dogs are seen solely as pets, similar to why Indians do not eat beef; they see them as companion draft animals.

Dogs, cats, mice, rats, lizzards, cows, horses, rabbits, pigs, monkeys and many more.

10 horses 15 dogs 12 cats 31 ducks and 9 pigs . talk about a farm!

not as a normal food, but given the opportunity the bulldog and many dogs for that matter, may harm the guinea pig.

There are many, many pets that you can have. The most typical house-hold pets are: Dogs Cats Fish Birds Hamsters/Guinea Pigs/Gerbils

Yes! A lot of human food is unsuitable for pets. * Dogs can die when eating macadamia nuts. * Pigs can die if they eat radish. * cats can die from garlic See link below for many poisonous foods to dogs:

The most common farm animals are horses, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, sheep, dogs, cats, ducks and other fowl, and many many more.

There is no exact answer because every year more guide dogs have been trained which makes the number endless.

Yes and even though it is illegal in many places, people have intercourse with horses, pigs, dogs, and other animals.

People, dogs, cats, foxes, wolves, cows, sheep, pigs, horses and many others too numerous to list.

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