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Q: When NaCl dissolves in water which end of the water molecule is attracted to the Na plus?
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Why NaCl dissolves in water but not in benzene?

NaCl dissolves in water because it is an ionic compound. Because of this, when the compound is broken down into ions, the polarity of the water molecules attracts the broken down ions. This allows for the Na+ and Cl- ions to dissolve in the water. NaCl does not dissolve in benzene because benzene is a nonpolar molecule. Because it is nonpolar, the broken down ions will not be attracted to benzene.

When NaCl is dissolved in water negative end of the water molecules is attracted towards what?

Ion-dipole attraction dictates that the negative pole of a water molecule will be attracted to the sodium cation and the positive pole of a water molecule will be attracted to the chloride anion.

What is exact meaning of dissolve?

a molecule dissolves when ions are created. example: NaCl dissolves into Na+ and Cl-

Reaction of NACL and H2O?

the salt (NaCl) dissolves in water H2O the the water become salty because of it.

How water dissolves NaCl?

Because NaCl and H2O are polar compounds. In water sodium chloride is dissociated: NaCl----------------Na+ + Cl-

When NaCI dissolves in water does it give ions or molecules or both?

Ions. NaCl is a molecule. And when put in water the polar quality of the water molecules pull apart the na and the cl into ions.

What would be observed when NaCl is added to water?

When NaCl is added to water, you would observe that it dissolves quite readily.

Is NaCl soluble?

Yes, NaCl (Sodium chloride AKA common salt) dissolves in water.

Is NaCl is soluble in fructose?

Yes, fructose is the most soluble carbohydrate in water.

Which of the following liquids is hexane most likely to dissolve?

NaCl will not dissolve in Hexane because NaCl is a polar molecule and Hexane is a non-polar molecule. NaCl is insoluble in Hexane. On the other hand, NaCl will dissolve in water because both are polar molecules. "Like dissolves like".

What is the mass percent of NaCl when 6.5g of NaCl dissolves with 250g of water?

This concentration of NaCl is 2,6 g NaCl/100 mL solution.

When salt dissolves in water salt is said to be?

In water sodium chloride is dissociated: NaCl--------------Na+ + Cl- And NaCl is the solute.