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Q: When Shakespeare referred to Warwick as a bug that feared us all what did that mean?
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Did William Shakespeare have it?

What do you mean if Shakespeare have it? If you mean does Shakespeare have what it takes, then yes. He should any way.

Why was William Shakespeare married to the black lady?

I have never heard of Mrs. Shakespeare (nee Anne Hathaway) referred to as "the black lady". Do you mean "the dark lady" of the sonnets? Not a lot of people think that he was writing about his wife there.

Why is Shakespeare mean?

Shakespeare cannot be mean - he has been dead for centuries.

What does timuit mean in latin?

He feared/ he was afraid.

What does dredid mean?

dredid could mean dreaded= feared strongly

How many Shakespeare?

When people say Shakespeare they mean William Shakespeare the playwright. There was only ever one of him.

What year did Shakespeare start?

Shakespeare was born in 1564, if that's what you mean. That was the year he started being Shakespeare.

What does to't mean in Shakespeare?

to it

What does Shakespeare mean by the word beslubbering?

Nothing. Shakespeare never used such a word.

How does it feel to be one of the most feared beings on the planet?

What do mean

Who was Shakespeare inspired by?

If you mean, "Where did Shakespeare get his ideas from?" he got them from books he read and plays he had seen.

Did ivy marry Shakespeare?

If you mean William Shakespeare the playwright, the answer is no, his wife's name was Anne.

What does Shakespeare mean by the word townsfolk?

Shakespeare does not use the word townsfolk.

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My Lord

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Shakespeare wrote in English. "The" means exactly the same when he used it as it does when you use it.

What degree did Shakespeare have?

If you mean what University degree, none. Shakespeare never went to college or university.

What did Machiavelli mean when he said it is much safer to be feared than loved?

he meant that is a ruler had to chose between being feared and then being loved is better.

What does dread sovereign really mean?

It means 'a greatly feared king'.

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Snow Leopard

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