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When Sperm is not come out in a women?

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This question does not make sense. The closest I can guess is probably "What does it mean when the sperm does not come back out of a woman? Or, something to the effect of sperm actually being made b y the woman's body. To the former, the fallopian tubes are open on the ends and the sperm goes out into the woman's abdomen and absorbed back into the body. To the latter, a woman is defined as producing eggs, where a male is defined as producing sperm. If she produces sperm and eggs, she is a true hermophrodite. By definition, woman does not produce sperm, hence, sperm does not come out of a woman.

I strongly recommend you reword your question.

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Will sperm come for women?

No, not naturally.

Where does womens sperm come from?

Women do not produce sperm ! Women produce eggs - which are developed in their ovaries !

Does the sperm come out the women?

no it comes out the mans dick

What age do you get sperm to come out?

im 13 and i am (i get women XD)

Can you get pregnant if a guy sticks his penis inside of a women but sperm does not come out?

this ios impossible for a women to get pregnant the male has to ejaculate or in small terms (shoot out sperm) into the females vagina

Why does a woman's sperm not come out of her vagina?

Women do not have sperm. They have vaginal fluid, which is a lubricant, and they have eggs. The eggs have to stay inside her body to live.

What form does sperms come out of the lady?

dead because women don't produce sperm. if sperm is not fertilized with womans egg it dies.

Can women get pregnant while not on their period?

Yes, the sperm waits inside for the egg to come.

How to bring women sperm out?

This cant be done as women dont have sperm.

What kind of sperm can make women pregnant?

Any sperm can get a women pregnant.

Can women get pregnant if sperm enters the mouth?

can women pregnent if eating a sperm

Cam sperm come out of women?

yes and no yes if ure screwing her then some falls out of her no her jizz is not sperm, it is called discharge or female jizz in slang

Can a women get pregnant if the sperm leaks on her virgina or anus?

Yes, all the sperm has to do is come in contact with vaginal mucus, and it can travel into the vagina and through the cervix.

Sperms will come out at the end of the intercourse or in between rubbing inside women?

sperm will come out when you attain orgasam that is at the end of the i course rubbing inside woman is the stimulation which make you to pushout sperm it is involuntary

What is the woman sperm called?

Women do not have sperm.

What is the Difference between men sperm and women?

women hold the sperm to produce a baby.

What can impregnate women?

sperm, lots and lots of sperm

Do Women Have Sperms?

No they do not have sperm, the have eggs which can be fertilised by a sperm

Can a man drink woman's sperm?

Women do not have sperm.

What is man juice?

Is a liquid called sperm. Sperm can make a women pregnant so watch out! Usually sperm can come from masturbating or sexual intercourse. Also man juice can be called cum. All that means is the same thing as sperm.

Do boys have many sperm cells more than girls?

women do not have sperm cellsANSWERwomen have egg cells. men have sperm cells

Do some men not have sperm?

Yes, men do have sperm. In fact, women do not have sperm at all.

Is women's sperm healthy for men?

Women do not produce sperm.

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