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When Triple H comes back?

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If Triple H is coming back or not?

Yes, Triple H Is Coming Back.

When his Triple H coming back?

in wrestlemania27 triple h will come back

Is Triple H back on WWE 2011?

Yes, triple h is back :)

Will dx be together again if Triple H win wwe championship before hbk comes back?

No triple h will become obssesed and attack Micheals

Who will be the first person to fight Triple H when he comes back?

The Undertaker at WrestleMania 27

Is Triple H back on monday night raw?

yes triple h is back

Why did Triple H leave?

November or December when he comes back he got hurt during a movie

When is Triple H is coming back to raw?

triple h is coming back apparently RR or elimination chamber

How will The Undertaker be when he comes back in 2011?

He will come back ready to talk but soon Triple H will interupt and challenge him at wrestlemania 27.

Will Triple H ever come back to the WWE?

Yes triple h will come back to the wwe he is a tough. It's possible.

Will Triple H and Shawn Michaels ever come back?

Triple H will come back in 2011..but Shawn Michaels is gone.

Are Shawn Michaels and Triple H going to come back to WWE?

Triple H is but Shawn isn't

When will Triple H come back to the wwe?

triple h will makeit back in time for wrestlemania 27 but not in 2010 because he tore a tendon. Triple H was expected to come back at Summerslam 2010 but the recovery still needed more time. Triple H is expected to return late 2010 or early 2011 Triple H will come back after TLC in 2011 at the royal rumble and win the royal rumble

Will Triple H be back in 2010?

Yes, he came back

Is Triple H coming back soon?

He will be back in 2011.

Will Triple H go back to the old h?

triple h is the greatest wrestler of all time right after the undertaker so no i dont thint he will go back YEAH>>>>>>

Is Triple H coming back at summerslam?


Is chyna coming back with Triple H?


Did Triple H return back in summerslam?


What matches are in the movie Triple H the king of kings?

triple h dide and come back a few years

When will tripl h will return?

Triple H will come back on Wednesday

Did Sheamus retire Triple H?

No but he did defeat Triple H at Extreme Rules. The Game will be back. Triple H is just gone because his wife recently had their third child and he is spending time with them. No, Sheamus did not retire Triple H.

When will Triple H be back?

The game will be back around summerslam or before.

When Triple H coming back?

he is coming back at the royal rumble

When is Triple H coming back from his injury?