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There's a single and a two disc album out later in the month.


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because Michael Jackson has Leading new music trends

A new single and album will be out later this month.

He gave a new look on music, dancing and music videos! He was the best!

Michael Jackson said that he just pours his soul into his work. He never tried to create specific styles of music or try new styles of music. His music is not intended to be a specific genre, it just happens that his music are different styles/genres.

There won't be a new Michael Jackson... I'm sad too...

Not at all he loved his family and his fans when he left after 20 years he just felt the need to move on to new music

He doesn't have a new name.

Yes , Michael Jackson Did Have a New Album Ready But Sadly It Didn't Get Released But Soon It Might Be Released .

The first that I remember was a Michael Jackson music video, can't recollect the song right now

The title of the NEW Michael Jackson movie is "This Is It".

No. The '' New Boyz '' did.

Michael Joseph Jackson is important because HE , was the first African American to enter the MTV . and show them truly what is music . he is a pioneer and influence to many artists you see out there . michaels the one who started new genre

No, he was only in one band; The Jackson 5/Jackson's.

Michael Jackson did not sing Candy Girl, a band called New Edition did.

That answer is simple, he was unique he always brought something new and different to the table. He was a leader not a follower, he put his heart in his music. He was positive and a visionary. And everything he did was bigger than life. They don't make them like him any more, so music is now boring.

His name has always been and will always be Michael Jackson.

The new album is out on December 14th.

No he didn't have a place in New York.

Nothing is new with Micheal Jackson. Unfortunately, he passed away on June 25th, from Cardiac Arrest.

One day Michael Jackson bought orphans new toys pillows blankets & beds.

Simply because, Michael Jackson took risk. He invented new dance moves, created new forms of rock and pop, and he made the best music videos. Seeing Michael Jackson's music videos in the 80's and 90's was like seeing a UFO, because they were so different. MJ was the very first to do what he did. Check out these videos on youtube: Thriller, Beat it, Bad, and Billie Jean! !

befor or after the this is it tour.

No Michael Jackson did not invent the sidewalk -Arthur Wesley Hall and William Alexander McVay created concrete partitions in New Brunswick in 1924. Michael Jackson did However create the Moonwalk!

He has a music symbol on his back in between his shoulders, stars on his neck, stars on his abs, stars on his arm and a new tattoo which is believed to be of Michael Jackson

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