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Yes the 17 year old can refuse to go back , as you see he was kicked out in the first place.

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Her parents got kicked off the farm because they were black

A minor cannot be kicked out. Until they are an adult, the parents have the responsiblity to shelter and feed the child.

Once someone turns 18, they are legally an adult, and can legally be kicked from their parents home.

Yes. He had to live in it when his parents kicked him out.

Some parents will kick them out and some will not.

Yup! She got kicked out of her own house by her parents... I think it was because she was showing nude pictures of herself and her parents kicked her out but not forever obviously. She got kicked out like for a week and she went to sleep to a friend's house (Mandy). That's why miley wrote the song: I'm just a girl. =) Hope this helps! XD

Not in the eyes of the law. Your parents are still responsible for you and your actions.

If a 16 year old gets kicked out of his parents house, they can inform the police. Parents are not allowed to legally kick a minor out of the home.

In the US, a survey done on 1468 mothers ages 14-17yo showed that 45,8% were kicked out by their parents or guardians.

HyunAh did not get "kicked out." She was formally taken out of the group due to her parent's concern about her health. No it wasnt formally. the parents concern was that he was pregnant,. that was the health issue.

You can get kicked out of your house at the age of 17 in the state of Wyoming. Your parents can kick you out no matter what age even if it is considered neglect or abandonment.

yes his parents kicked him out of the house because he dropped out and lived in his car until his parents knew he actually had a goal in life. Bye! :D -- When Christofer was 16, he explained everything: he had started smoking, he lost his virginity, he started using drugs - and to top it off, he dropped out of highschool to persue a career in the musical industry. His parents kicked him out. He lived in his car, on his buddie's couches, for a couple months until his parents finally realized that he would succeed.

no it is not legal anywhere. i thought that was common knowledge

As long as you are still attending school, most health insurances will let you remain on your parents plan.

If you have understanding parents - or - they will find out eventually, then tell your parents first so you can explain the circumstances. Tell them that you have learned your lesson and that it won't happen again.

Notify social services for your area. Your parents are responsible for you until you become an adult.

Franklin was not kicked out of school. His parents simply were not wealthy enough to educate all sixteen of their children, so Ben began to work for his father at age ten.

At 18 your parents are no longer required to support you in most places. If they are paying for it, they can tell you where to live. Otherwise you could be on your own.

No, in Michigan your parents are responsible for you until you are 18 years old.

The hardest thing about being Amoeba is telling your parents you touch yourself at night.

You were usually kicked out by your parents. It was a dog eat dpg world you feel?

I/We/You/They have kicked He/She/It has kicked

no as your still to young to live somewhere without your parents consent.

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