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Cheap, noisy, equipment, or some other device in the vicinity of the cd/dvd player that is injecting unwanted frequencies into the electronic circuits of the player. Sometimes, it can even be the amplified speakers on the computer itself causing the problem. Half wave rectification will induce all kind of interferences into the sound system.


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The present perfect tense of copy is:I/You/We/They have copied.He/She/It has copied.

nothing, it copied the computer from apple and IBM, it copied the xbox from Sony and nitendo, it copied windows from Apple, it copied zune from apple. Everything micro$oft ever made has been copied, not innovated, unlike apple.

the opposite of merging cells

Apple.Actually it was Xerox on their Alto computer, Apple copied them on their Lisa computer.

Inserts copied material from computer clipboard. Firstyou must Copy something, this will place copied material to computer clipboard, then you can insert anywhere you want (Paste)

a section of ram where the computer stores copied data

That depends on what you mean by "copied electronically".If you mean that you press the keys for "Copy" (usually Ctrl-C), the text is copied to a temporary memory area known as the "Clipboard".If you type texts from a book, into the computer, the text is in the computer memory; once you save it, it is in the computer's hard disk.

In a single word: "Download". This means that something on a remote computer will be transferred (copied/downloaded...) to your local computer.

Downloading means a computer data file is being copied to your hard drive, from the internet.

They are copied to the 'clip board'. This is just a software name, for a portion of the memory reserved for temporary storage. It is volatile and will be lost when the computer is shut down.

A computer may decline a request to burn a copied CD because the CD has scratches that may lead to read errors. When a computer cannot read the content of a CD, it cannot complete the burning process.

U must connect your phone usb connector from your phone to your computer so you can open the files from your phone to your computer and have it copied

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go in the bathroom then go in the bathtub turn on the water go to the other side of the bathtub then jump out of the tub jump on the toilet flush the pink thing that you copied on the computer

proteins are made by DNA which checks to see that the proteins are set together and perfect enough to be copied

proteins are made by DNA which checks to see that the proteins are set together and perfect enough to be copied

You need to have iTunes downloaded on that computer first. Then you just plug it in and it syncs and all the songs and apps are then copied onto that computer.

You can't- DVD's are speshelly protected from being able to be copied to a computer whether it's a PC or a Mac.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a temporary computer storage device, i.e. all data stored in RAM will be erased after the computer is switched off. All data to be processed is first copied into RAM. For example, when you start an application it is copied into the RAM from your harddisk. Similarly, if you enter any data into the computer it is sent to the RAM.

Yes, but it's illegal to give it to someone else or sell it.

If you own the computer then you could copy it to your hard drive(normally drive C:) or if you dont own the computer you could save it to your acct on the computer.

Haha ! You Can't Necessarily Copyright Something If You Copied it From The Computer , Because It's Not Yours , So Technically You Are Stealing Someone Else's Material .

The Greek statues were meant to look perfect. The Roman copied the Greek art and many other stuffs. But some of the things the Roman copied were different. Their statues were not meant to look perfect. They included every single features, unlike the Greeks. These are the reason why the Roman and Greek statues differ

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