When a Muslim prays five times a da which Pillar of Islam is being observed?


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2nd piller of Islam is observed.

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Prayer in Islam falls under the Pillar of SALAAT (صلاة).

if he doesnot love being muslim so what keeps him on islam . of course he love being a muslim

Okay first let's understand what Islam means. Islam means "Submission to Allah, with obedience and with love". And a person who submits is called a Muslim. Thus following Islam is considered being a Muslim.

It is FORBIDDEN in Islam to drink alcohol or to eat pork

He is from a Kabyle family, the kabyles' religion is Islam. But in France, you are a citizen before being a muslim, a catholic or a jew.

You can seduce a Muslim girl by being a good pious Muslim ______________________________________________ and to be aware that per Islam teachings no sexual acts is allowed outside licit marriage and that a Muslim girl can marry only a Muslim man.

Masturbation is an unnatural activity. No human being should do it. A Muslim must avoid it as it is prohibited in Islam. A Muslim should repent if he does it. Allah Almighty is the most Forgiving.

Islam is a religion that includes a belief in a supreme being therefore there are no Muslim atheists.

No. Herod lived and died hundreds of years before Islam came into being.

Islam is not practiced wherever there are no Muslims. Nearly every country on Earth has some Muslim population, but there are many regions which are relatively devoid of Islam (such as the American Prarie, Amazonia, or the Japanese Highlands). In those places, since there are few Muslims, it is rare to find Islam being practice there. However, should a Muslim move there, Islam will be practiced there.

Tecnically, the religion is called Islam and the people that follow the Islamic religion are called Muslims, so yes, being a Muslim counts as a religion.

The first Muslim state was established in Madina Munawra, the last Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) being the Head.

By definition, a Muslim is one who follows the religion of Islam. Literal meaning of Muslim is the person who submits himself/herself to God. Any human being could be Muslim irrespective of his/her race. In Islam there is no discrimination on the basis of race. There are many governments, especially in Eastern Europe, who regard people identifying themselves as Muslims, to be an ethnicity due to their ancestors converting to Islam. Some of them are not practicing Islam but still call themselves Muslim. But definitely Islam is the religion of all mankind not of a specific race. No any human can not be called a Muslim, but anyone can follow Islam. Muslim were of those of Afrocentric Areas and now many have converted to Islam but they are not Muslims. I am 52 years old and on my Birth certificate where it ask for race; mine says Muslim. I have been told my my grand parents that we are Muslims not Americans, not Black but Muslims. Islam is religion. It is the God religion since start of universe creation. Refer to question below.

It is not common, but some Muslims marry christians.Answer:It is permitted for a Muslim man to marry a Jewish or Christian woman (though it is not recommended in this day and age because of the strength of the non-Muslim cultures, and their hatred towards Islam).According to Islam it is not permitted for a Muslim woman to marry anyone but a Muslim man. A Muslim man is obligated to respect the traditions of his Jewish or Christian wife. But a non-Muslim man will generaly not respect the traditions of his Muslim wife. Plus the children need to be raised in Islam. With the father usually being dominant, that will not happen with a non-Muslim husband.

To deal with humans who don't understand Islam well, and don't realise Muslim rights in IslamTo reaise their own rights stated for them in Islam.To get the freedom to express their Islamic traditions without being offended lor hindered by laws or by other humans' behaviours.Also-Muslim women are fighting suppression and equality.

Islam, since being a citizen of Saudi Arabia legally requires you to be a Muslim.

The largest religion in Sierra Leone is Islam, with about 46% of its citizens being Muslim.

Islam is the dominant religion is Egypt with 94.7 percent of population being Muslim. Islam reached Egypt in 639 AD when Muslim general Amr Ibn Al-As led an army of just 4000 started the conquest of Byzantine Egypt in the time of Muslim Caliph Umar ibn Al-Khitaab. The conquest completed in 641 AD.

you don't have to be born Muslim to be a good Muslim. remember Muhammad (SAW) was a convert; he wasn't born a Muslims ,also his companions were converts as well. they are the best examples a Muslim looks up to and follows.

He preached Islam and established a Muslim state at Madina that later on became an Empire. Islam is the second largest religion of the world, the first being Christianity.

Answer 1The non Muslim should first witness that no God except one and only one God (called in Arabic Allah and is same God worshiped in Christianity and Judaism) and that prophet Muhammad is His prophet and Messenger. Then he/she should follow the Islam fundamentals and morals as detailed in questions below.Answer 2As a pure definitional issue, being non-Muslim is defined exclusively as not being Muslim. Therefore, a non-Muslim cannot be Muslim. However, Islam has two major definitions. First there is the view that Islam refers to any person who believes in monotheism, such as the pre-Mohammed prophets were as well as Jews and Christians. The second is the contemporary and non-Muslim view of the term referring to the religion that has developed from Qur'anic Revelation and Interpretation of the Hadiths. This is the Islam that most people mean when they say Islam. So a non-Muslim according to definition 2 could easily be a Muslim according to definition 1 (such as Jew or a Christian).In order for a non-Muslim to become Muslim, Answer 1 correctly explains the process.

actually people think that islam was established by prophet Muhammad(saws) but the Quran says, the first human being, the first prophet is in fact a Muslim-Adam(a.s.) followed islam only

That's a question asking for opinion, not fact. There will always be people who don't like Islam, and people who change because they are inspired by Islam- Being a Muslim is something that I will never change about myself.

in Islam stranger men ( out of father, brother, husband, uncle, grandfather, son ) should not see the body of a Muslim woman unless the face and hand. so a stranger man should not see the foot of a Muslim woman and should be covered.

The rules, per Islam religion, are that:The Muslim man can marry only a Muslim, Christian (Catholic, Orthodox, or other denominations), or Jewish woman.The Muslim woman (virgin, divorced, or widow) can marry only Muslim (or convert to Muslim) man.You may say that love is over religion limitations. If you think so, then it is your choice. If you want to deny your religion obligations and requirements to legalize your marriage, then it is your choice. No compulsion in religion. However, choice is responsibility. If you deny you violate your religion obligations and requirements, you hold responsible of your choice and you hold responsible of the consequences of your choice on the Last Day of Judgment in front of God, the Creator.On the other hand, for a non Muslim although he can convert to Islam to be able to marry a Muslim woman but his convert to Islam should be based on real belief in Islam principles and prophet Muhammad teachings. His convert to Islam should not be just to make it licit to marry a Muslim woman.Accordingly, I don't understand how he was forced to convert to Islam for marriage. The basic Islam and Quran rule is that 'no compulsion in religion'.If you are no longer believing in Islam, the simplest way is deny being Muslim and convert to any religion you want, divorce your Muslim wife, and settle other living matters between yourself and your wife. Be responsible of your decision and hold responsible of the consequences when judged in front of God on the Day of Judgment after this life.

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