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When a boy calls a girl sister does that mean he likes her as a friend?


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Either that or he's very fond of you.

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If a girl is close enough to you or a friend of yours then it does not absolutely mean she likes you if she calls you by your nickname. Girls mainly do this to friends.

If she calls you often. If she wants to be around you, if she sends gifts.

She likes you, or if she's your friend, she wants to talk to you

Yes, it means he likes you as a friend, like a homeboy or one of the guys.

its slang but boys dont usually call girls sisters a girl that is friends with another gil calls her sister meaning friend just like a boy calls a boy brother as in friend

if your friend is a boy: say ok...who likes me if your friend is a girl: ask her if it's her

the girl who is the sister to yuuki new best friend, the vice president while the girl is treasurer

When his girl friend calls be polite but not to informative.

what you can do is that you can make your friend look terrible but to look amazing in front of the girl or you can lie that the friend likes your brother or sister.

Ask the girl that she likes you or your friend

Coming from a girl, it means she likes you,

that your her friend and that she is not romantically interested in you

Likes you. If she says it a lot, then she really likes you

She just likes him as a friend. If she liked him more then a friend, then she would be flirting a little. You would only be able to tell by the way she says it.

The girl has already chosen your friend. Find a different girl. .

he means that he likes that girl alot

If a girl only likes you as a friend then all you have to do is ask her if she likes you, if she doesnt and acts horrible then she isn't worth it anyway.

well. is your friend more important or the girl? think about that. also think about the fact that if the girl really likes you, she would leave your friend.

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