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Placenta comes out after each kitten.

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Mammals, such as kittens, have a cord that connects them to the placenta. The placenta transfers food and oxygen to the baby while it is growing. That cord, the umbilical cord, goes from the placenta to the navel (or, on a cat, where the navel would be). Sometimes that cord can get wrapped around part of the body during birth.

No, a spayed cat will not be able to have kittens, nor come on heat. The spaying procedure removes the reproductive organs which renders a female cat unable to come into season and have kittens.

no they can not only if the cat and another cat can have the kittens

This usually depends on how old the kittens are and the individual mother cat. Usually a female cat will come back into season after her current kittens are weaned. However, some cats' cycles can start again when her kittens are still very young, and some will not come into heat again for many months after the kittens are weaned.

A cat really shouldn't "bleed" after delivering kittens. A small amount of old blood discharge may be seen but no real bleeding should occur. Kittens are attached to the mothers uterus while developing via a placenta. This is a blood rich connection through which the developing kitten gets all its nutrients before it is born. When the placenta separates they may be a small amount of blood released. Any mother cat discharging an amount over a teaspoon of bright red blood the day after birth should be seen by a licenced Veterinarian. When a cat is giving birth the mother should be observed to make sure each kittens placenta is discharged after the kitten is delivered. A retained placenta will cause a systemic infection that can kill nursing kittens and mother cat.

No. It is not possible for a male cat to have kittens. In order to have kittens a cat must have a uterus and male cats do not have a uterus. If your male cat is having kittens, it is not a male, it is a female.

This is not certain. It depends on when the mother cat got rabies. If it is still in its early stages, the kittens may not catch it, but eventually the organism that causes rabies will migrate through the placenta and infect the kittens. The organism will, I believe, be passed in mother's milk, so if the kittens nurse, they most likely will become infected.

average is 4 but a cat can have from 2 to 8 kittens

My client witnesses a hermaphrodite cat have kittens, it looks mostly male from the outside but delivered kittens.

The average cat can have 3 to 6 kittens

'with two kittens' describe the cat. So, you should write 'is sleeping'. But if you mean that all three of them are sleeping, write 'A cat and his two kittens are sleeping'.

it actually depends on the cat. if it is a more chubbier cat it will probably be around 4-6 kittens. if it is more smaller cat, it will have about 1-3 kittens.

First of all, keep the mom cat comfortable, fed well, and clean. The same goes for after the kittens come. Second, you'll need to prepare for the kittens. Make sure the bed/box or wherever the mom cat is staying is big enough for herself and for her kittens. Keep the bedding clean as well.

Like a few days/one week later my cat just had her babies!!

Yes. This is true of all animals and humans.

the most kittens a mother cat had ever had was 420!!

You can get kittens by getting a female cat and a male cat together and waiting for them to breed.

well, i think it depends. does your cat let you hold her kittens? if so, you could take the kittens inside the house and show the mother cat that her kittens are there. if your cat doesn't let you hold her kittens then you could keep a close eye on the kittens then take them inside the house when the mother cat isn't there or let the mother cat keep her kittens there. you could also call the animal shelter but if the kittens are too young they'll have to take the mother cat too. well i hope i helped and good luck :)

They from in a placenta

Privacy and protection of her and her kittens.

It takes about three to four months for a cat to have kittens.

Your cat can not have kittens. There is no way to make that happen.

A mother cat nursing kittens is known as a "queen".

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