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A boy's 16th birthday party is also often called a sweet sixteen - not just girls'.

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Q: When a girl is sixteen it is her sweet sixteen but when a boy turns sixteen what is it called?
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What is it called where a girl turns 15?

Sweet 15 or quincianera something like that

What are some good sweet sixteen themes for boy girl twins?

Sweet and Sour

How old should a girl be before dating?

Sweet Sixteen.

What should a boy get a girl for her sweet sixteen?

16 red roses.

Who recorded the song Sweet Sixteen?

== Hilary Duff recorded "Sweet Sixteen" it celebrates the freedom of being a sixteen-year old girl. This was used as the theme tune for MTV reality show 'My Super Sweet 16'There is also another song called "Sweet Sixteen" by Billy Idol P.S MTV is really girly and being emo, I hate girly :P I would advise you NOT to watch it!

Did Miley Cyrus get a dog for her sweet sixteen?

Yes, she did. It was a girl, she named it Sophie.

What are sweet 16?

what IS a sweet 16 well it is when a GIRL turns 16 and has a great big deal about itt

Do boys celebrate there sixteenth birthday?

Yes, but it is not celebrated with the same enthusiasm as a girl's Sweet Sixteen.

How much money do you give for a sweet sixteen gift?

okay take it from a sixteen year old girl probably a ipod or laptop if they have that already have that give them a i phone

Why is it called sweet 16 birthday?

Sweet Sixteen originally began in the 1800s. At that time when a girl turned age 16, she was generally presented to society so she could find a suitable man to marry. She was also expected to be a virgin which was known as keeping sweet.

15 year old party for a girl in Mexico?

Quinceañera. It is much like the 'sweet sixteen' celebration

What really is sweet sixteen?

It is the age when a girl crosses the age of 16 years, but is younger than seventeen. it is considered as the age at which a girl becomes a woman.

What is a quieceaneras?

It is a party for a girl that it's turning 15 years old. In Latin American countries, it is like the Sweet Sixteen.

What flowers should I buy for my female friends sweet sixteen party?

Some nice flowers for a sweet sixteen party is some yellow or pink ones. Get the flowers that come in those colors. Any girl would love to have them at their own party.

Who pays what on a sweet sixteen?

a parent pays the birthday girl money so she can handle her own money because she is growing up

What is a sweet 16 in spanish?

In Spanish culture, it's not a sweet sixteen, but comes a year earlier.It's a Quinceañera (fiesta at fifteen years). This is a party for a girl's fifteenth birthday, symbolizing a girl's transformation into a woman. In some cultures, this may be in preparation for a girl's wedding.

What is a 16th year old party called in spanish?

There is no Spanish counterpart to the term "Sweet 16" In Spanish cultures the magic age is 15. A girl who turns 15 has a Quinceañera.

What episode of sixteen does Jude vomit in Star's mouth?

the episode's called "the khaki girl"

Should girls invite boys to a sweet sixteen?

please comment on this question I need help! I am a very shy girl but I do talk to a few guys, but not really sure if I should invite them to my sweet sixteen. My parents aren't too "fond" og "little boys."_____________________________________________________________________Well if you think that it would make your sweet sixteen funner, then I say go for it!, your parents should understand that its your party and they are your friends. Hope this helps (:

What turns on the ac compressor in my 1997 buick regal gs?

The a/c button if that don't work whisper sweet nothings in it's ear; it turns on a girl I know.

Can a fifteen year old girl be engaged with an eighteen year old boy until she turns sixteen?

As an engagement is not a legal contract anyone can become engaged.

What is the difference between a quinceanera and the American sweet sixteen?

One year. The quinceanera celebrates the 15th birthday. It also is a way of announcing that a girl is available for courting and marriage. Several teachers I have worked with taught in Mexico before coming to California, and say that shortly after the quin. most of the girls are married. The sweet sixteen party does not really imply that a girl is ready for marriage plans.

Who was the most bratty girl on your super sweet sixteen?

The girl that started screaming and crying because her mom bought her a LEXUS instead of the car she wanted, and because her mom gave it to her on her bday instead of at her party.

Who is Louis tomilsons girlfriend?

yes a girl called chloe wilson she a very sweet cute girl xx

Can you get in trouble if you are eighteen and your girlfriend is sixteen in the state of North Carolina if you are just dating?

My son is turning eighteen and is dating a girl who is sixteen and the girls parents dont want them seeing each other can he get in trouble when he turns eighteen and continues to see her?