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No it is not a good idea. The guy is not worth it.


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how can i flirt with a guy when your not sure if he already likes someone else?If he is happy with his girlfriend and you start flirting with him, he may not think much of you and she may give you a bad reputation. Better to stand back and see if their relationship goes anywhere. If it fails, then you can try your luck.

FLIRT FLIRT FLIRT BAAAACK!!!!! HOLD HIS HAND--MOVE IN FOR THE KISS------GET INVOLVED!!!!! EVEN MORE IF U WANT. GOOO GALLLL If you like this other guy too....then no worries!!!!!!! Your flirting guy could be crazy about DONT pass up the chance!!!!!!!!

YES! He is probably flirting. You can talk to him if you like him or flirt with back with him.

Then flirt back. You should pluck up the courage to flirt back. Flirting is fun.

Flirt back if you might be interested, or ignore him if you're not. Should be a common sense thing.

In my opinion, there is no real way to tell. It has to be an instinct that you determine. For example, if the guy is smiling, possibly blushing, and not able to look you straight in the eye then he is trying to flirt with you and not scare you off. Try flirting back or start the flirt (lightly) and if the response from the guy is a flirt then keep it up : )

Flirting is flirting you do it the same way as for a guy.

when you flirt with him. and be yourself. remember..flirting should be nice and pressure!

There is no general answer to this because every guy likes it different. Just like every guy has his way of flirting, there is a way of flirting back that he will like. For example, I myself don't really like the girl to flirt at all. I flirt by teasing a little and hiding little compliments in the teasing, and I don't like the girl to really flirt back but rather to giggle shyly and show she likes me flirting with her by telling me off jokingly.

If you like him back, then flirt back :) But you should first think about if he is really flirting with you or not, because it could be disastrous. If you don't like him back, then just act as you would normally around him.

if you like the guy, flirt back , if you don't you can either tell him that or just ignore the texts until they stop

It means, he is a guy who can not commit to one person. Some one who really likes you will take the time to get to know you and not just flirt while he has a girlfriend. I say ignore him.

Flirting is way for people to get noticed. If they like a guy they will flirt with him until he shows interest in them.

If you think that your close guy friend has a crush on you, think again. Sometimes he may, sometimes he may not. trust your gut and get out there and flirt back!

Lightly flirt with him. There a probably flirting tips on the internet if you need help with it.

Keep flirting with him, try to get him to flirt with you and if he does he might like you. If he doesn't he might not be interested in you but he could just be shy.

when a guy flirts with you then stops either means hes playing with you, he wants you to flirt now or he liked you then he found another person who is flirting back .

To make her his girlfriend

then he is just born a natural flirt and cant help it

Flirt a little bit back, see what comes out of it, just don't get so wrapped up in him that you hurt yourself

Humans are not evolved to be a one-mate species. It may be that even though he has a girlfriend, he finds you interesting and doesn't want to overtly display that.

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