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When a healthy teenage male passes out when someone mentions surgery blood car wrecks and such does this have a true name other than wuss?


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June 04, 2007 7:44AM

It's cruel to assume that someone that faints when they see blood, needles, hear about gory surgery, car wrecks is considered a wuss! It shows the ignorance of the people around the person that has fainted. Some people faint because of the adrenal gland causing 'fight or flight' (also noted in some cases to cause panic attacks) and also a sudden drop in blood pressure or a sudden high blood pressure can cause a person to faint. It can also be genetic! Tryanophobia is a fear of needles and Haemophobia is a fear of blood or any association with blood. Doctors aren't quite sure why fainting is caused in some healthy people and not in others. HOWEVER IT'S IMPORTANT that your friend go to their family doctor and have a complete physical! If you are such a friend then go with him and be sure there is no physical reason such a clots, etc., causing this.If it's pyschological then it's important he receives treatment tocalm down his adrenal gland andhe can take Cognitive Therapy from a psychologist that will help deal with this. This is nothing to laugh at and down right cruel to the person. Why is it that when a guy faints he's a wuss! Think about it. It sounds as if guys haven't got the right to have feelings. Sounds like the lot of you have been having a bit of fun with him and encouraging this behavior and I suggest you stop! One day he may not get off the floor. Just in case a few of you are interested in how to treat a person who has fainted here's a tip: Lay the person on their back IF THEY HAVE BEEN DRINKING THEN PROP THEIR HEAD UP SO THEY DON'T CHOKE AND IT'S IMPORTANT TO RAISE THE FEET 'ABOVE' THE HEART! Good friends want to help and as I said, it's no laughing matter so get this young man to his family doctor ASAP!