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It may depend on the policy itself. Most of them understand that keeping something like that many year is difficult and provide for identification requirements.

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It maybe required when a mortgage matures?

A balloon payment may be required when you mortgage matures.

What happens when your mortgage matures?

Ballon Payment? or maybe its paid off?

What is a source document for payment payroll?

A check is the source document for the payment of payroll.

How do savings bonds work?

When you buy a savings bond, you get a coupon payment periodically during the lifetime of the bond (typically 3%-4% of the face value), and when the bond matures, you get the original amount of money you paid back as well as the final coupon payment.

Who should I consult to set up an annuity payment?

There are plenty of companies that sell annuities, e.g. . Once you make the payment and it matures, you can get a guaranteed monthly payment for life.

What should be supporting documents of payment voucher?

suporting document for payment invoice

What is meant by Payment by documents through bank?

Payment by documents through your bank is how you have made your payment. The document could be your check.

Can you voluntarily dissolve your mortgage with your lender?

Yes, by paying it off in full. You should review your original mortgage document to determine if there is a pre-payment penalty if you will be paying it off early.

DP payment against receipt of document?

wht is DP payment...if any company issue DP payment to me is safe or not it is like Tt payment? how the diferrent Tt payment & DP payment? Hope your can rely it

What is the source document for all cash payment transactions?

A check

What is DA term of payment?

DA is the abbreviation of Document againts Acceptance.

What is LC DA DP TT payment options?

LC = Payment thru Letter of Credit DA = Payment against acceptance DP = Payment against receipt of document TT = Telegraphic transfer

What is a legal document giving the lender a claim on the property if payment is not made?


True or false the source document for payment of a payroll is the time card?


What is bookkeeping voucher?

A document recording a liability or allowing for the payment of a liability, or debt. A voucher would be held by the person or company who will receive payment.

Can you send a photocopied cheque in payment?

No, the cheque needs to be original.

What are the business document used in accounting?

Cheques, Receipts, Payment invoice, Cash invoice,

How is calculator tape used as a source document for cash payment journals?

daily sales

What document is prepared to reduce accounts receivable for something other than a payment?

a credit memo

Psd stand for?

PSD stands for - PhotoShop Document - Payment Services Directive - Post Source Decay

What document is prepared to reduce account payable for something other than a payment to vendor?

debit memo

What do you mean by invoice bill?

An invoice is a record of purchase and a bill is a document demanding payment of something, so an invoice bill would logically be demanding payment from a purchase of something.

What is straight piece rate system?

It is the simplest method of payment. under this method payment is made according to the number of units produced at a fixed rate per unit

How does an addendum work when selling a house or purchasing a house?

An addendum is a legal document that is attached to a pre-existing legal document. It adds other terms and provisions to the original agreement. An addendum can modify or amend the original agreement. Once signed by the parties it has the same legal effect. In a real estate transaction the original document would be the Purchase and Sale Agreement. An addendum to a P&S Agreement can address issues such as financing, the contingency listing of the buyer's property, payment terms if there is to be seller financing, agreement to maintain the grounds until buyer takes possession, agreement that the seller pay for the homeowner title policy, extension of closing date, homeowner's insurance, etc.

In Arkansas can a collection agency sue you if the original creditor accepts payment on the debt?

If the debt was sold to a collection agency and the original creditor accepted payment AFTER the debt was sold, the money does not belong to them. If, however, you paid the debt and it was mistakingly sol after that payment, the collection agency can't try to collect. If you have proof of payment, forward it to the collection agency and deman in writing that they cease trying to collect this debt.