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it depends on the amount of privacy

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Where are registers located?

A register is a storage location within the CPU as part of Datapath. CPU consists of datapath and control unit. Datapath comprises of register file (which consists registers and logic ) ,ALU and memory.

How many bits are needed within a machine code instruction to select a single register in a machine with 16 general registers?


How do you register a Siemens 2430 handset?

Put in base. Press ok to register. Press flash button on the base within in 3 minutes. When it registers the particular handset, press ok.

What is the difference between register addressing mode and register indirect addressing mode?

Ans: In the register addressing mode the operands are in registers which reside within the CPU. Register-mode instructions are 1-byte instructions and can be executed within the CPU without the need to reference memory for operands. But in the Register-indirect addressing mode the instruction specifies a register or a pair of registers in the processor whose contains give the address of the operand in memory. This mode uses 1-byte instructions even though the operand is in memory. Before using a register-indirect mode instruction, the programmer must ensure that the address of the operand is placed in the processor register with a previous transfer-type instruction. A reference to the register is then equivalent to specifying a memory address.

What are the 5 registers within ASL?

The 5 different registers in ASL are: Frozen Formal Informal Consultative Intimate

What is a register in operating system?

A, special, high-speed storage area within the CPU. All data must be represented in a register before it can be processed. For example, if two numbers are to be multiplied, both numbers must be in registers, and the result is also placed in a register. (The register can contain the address of a memory location where data is stored rather than the actual data itself.) The number of registers that a CPU has and the size of each (number of bits) help determine the power and speed of a CPU. For example a 32-bit CPU is one in which each register is 32 bits wide. Therefore, each CPU instruction can manipulate 32 bits of data. Usually, the movement of data in and out of registers is completely transparent to users, and even to programmers. Only assembly language programs can manipulate registers. In high-level languages, the compiler is responsible for translating high-level operations into low-level operations that access registers. <ANSWERED BY:-SONU BARNWAL, CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF BIHAR>

What counts and registers votes?

Congress is responsible for counting all votes that are cast for the president and vice president within the Electoral College. The Office of the Federal Register at the National Archives and Records Administration are responsible for registering these votes.

How the call is routed from one number to another?

When a cell phone is turned on, its first task is to find out if it is within range of a cellphone tower. As indicated by the wee antenna symbol. At the antenna end, it in turn registers that you are within its call zone, and notifies this fact to a 'central call register'. When a distant subscriber dials your number, then their call can immediately be routed in your direction. Whether you are turned on, and where you are is available from the 'central' register.

How do you get the altair costume on prince of Persia?

You need to register your Xbox 360 or PS3 account at Ubisoft's website. After that you can unlock the Altaïr costume from within the game.

Explain about segment registers in 8086MP?

There are four segment registers in the 8086/8088 processor, CS, DS, ES, and SS, also known as Code Segment, Data Segment, Extra Segment, and Stack Segment. Any time an address is generated by the processor, it is added to the value of one of the segment registers, after that segment register is effectively multiplied by 16, or left shifted four bits, in order to generate the physical address that accesses memory. This gives an effective address range of 20 bits, or 1mb, but note that only 64kb is addressable through any segment register at one time, unless you stop to change the contents of that segment register. This is known as a segmented architecture. By default, the CS register is used when fetching instructions, the DS register is used when accessing data, the SS register is used when accessing the stack, and the ES register is used during certain string type instructions. If desired, an instruction prefix can be used to override, such as forcing use of CS instead of DS when using a table contained within opcode space.

What is register variable in c language?

Register variables are a special case of automatic variables. Automatic variables are allocated storage in the memory of the computer; however, for most computers, accessing data in memory is considerably slower than processing in the CPU. These computers often have small amounts of storage within the CPU itself where data can be stored and accessed quickly. These storage cells are called registers. Normally, the compiler determines what data is to be stored in the registers of the CPU at what times. However, the C language provides the storage class register so that the programmer can ``suggest'' to the compiler that particular automatic variables should be allocated to CPU registers, if possible. Thus, register variables provide a certain control over efficiency of program execution. Variables which are used repeatedly or whose access times are critical, may be declared to be of storage class register. Also these register variables are used in huge projects the tiny program developers are not interested to include these register variables, because the tiny programs never requires more time complete its job. These register variables may be used to store constant values so as to make use of it anywhere in the programs. main{ register float a=0;}

Where to find free Godzilla movies that don't require registration? offers many godzilla films for free and does not require you to register. You can just search for a movie and play it from within the website.

What is a CPU registers?

¨Its provides internal storage within the CPU ¨It is a fastest type of storage ¨Its provides internal storage within the CPU ¨It is a fastest type of storage

What are index register and segment register?

A segment register is a register that contains the base address, or something related to the base address, of a region of memory. In the 8086/8088, the four segment registers are multiplied by 16 and added to the effective address to form the physical address. An index register, on the other hand, is a register that contains an address that is added to another address to form the effective address. In the 8086/8088, four address components are involved; 1.) the displacement contained within the instruction, often called the offset, 2.) a base address specified by the r/m field, often the BP or BX register, 3.) an index address specified by the r/m field, often the SI or DI register, and 4.) the segment address specified by context or by a segment override prefix, often the CS, DS, SS, or ES register.

What is a difference between register and a memory location?

A register is a temporary storage area for a byte or word on a CPU. A memory location is within RAM.

How do you cite a website within the text of a paper?

if i remember correctly, it is called a website within the text of a paper.

Is there any website to keep my running calendar?

Yes, go to rate my workout dot com. There you can register for an account and input your info such as distance and rate. You can view your progress within any time frame.

What is the job of segment register?

The segment register contains the base address, divided by 16, of the 64KB segment of memory that the operands lie within. There are four segment registers, code segment (CS), data segment (DS), stack segment (SS), and extra segment (ES). Unless there is a segment override prefix, the segment chose will be based on context, i.e. code for code, data for operands, stack for stack, and extra for string destinations.

What refers to how the user gets from page to page within a website?

Navigate a website.

A specific area within the range of a voice or instrument such as high middle or low is called what?


How does the United States government utilize the Federal Register?

The Federal Register is used to record daily occurrences within the federal government. It outlines both proposed and final regulations of federal agencies.

How do you create a username and password to join a multiplayer game on Wolfquest?

You will need to register via the WolfQuest forums. From the WolfQuest website, click 'Community', then click 'Register'. You eill need to wait usually 1-3 days, though often account activations are done within a day - until your account is activated. Once activated, you'll be able to login to the forums and game.

Where does a felon register in Nevada?

You must register within 48 hours of entering Nevada. Also, within 48 hours if you move. They no longer require you to carry a "felon card" and there is no fee to register. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Fingerprint Bureau 5880 Cameron Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89118 [Cameron Street and Russell Road] (702) 828-3271

What is a tenor voice?

The tenor is a type of male singing voice and is the highest male voice within the modal register.

If you become employed in Florida and you own a vehicle you must register the vehicle with HSMV within how many days?