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When a woman has feelings for an ex is it usually for a guy that she dumped or for a guy that dumped her?

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June 02, 2007 11:49AM

Hi there! There isn’t just one answer for this because every nature of relationship could be quite different. In most cases women would have UN resolved feelings for a guy that ended the relationship because our ego has been hurt! Or if this was a guy we could haveseen a future with or answered our needs...but in other cases the woman can end a relationship with a guy and find herself having still feelings towards him depending on the reason of breaking up! Or not have any more feelings and move on too.. Sometimes a woman can end a relationship with a guy and later realizing she may have deep feelings for him that she didn’t know before...sometimes a women can end a relationship because of in the end of the day its her decision but she might still hold feelings toward the guy... Hope this give u a good answer!..