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If your computer mysteriously restarts itself with no prompts, this is a major sign that your power supply is not providing enough power to your computer. You cannot harm your hardware by not offering enough power, so don't be worried about that. Things that spin eat up the most power, such as fans, CD-roms and hard drives. Addings lots of PCI cards don't take much power. I have 2 hard drives, 2 DVD drives, an intake fan and a hard drive cooler on my 350W power supply and it runs fine.

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Q: When adding hardware to a computer how do you know at some point if you are in danger of not having the proper power supply for the add ons?
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Yes, With a "Plug & Play" device, you just plug the device into your computer in most cases and it works within a few seconds of you plugging it in without the user having to do anything.

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well the concept of having a software and hardware on your computer is very important so that your computer might work, so these items is necessary for the operation of the PC.

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Hardware problems usually mean that the computer itself is having difficulties, such as physical damage to the devices within your desktop. Software problems are usually errors caused by malfunctions with programs that run on the computer and not the computer itself, such as a bug in programming or heavily fragmented files.

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It could mean a slower computer if you have a lot running at once and/or your computer is old. Also depends which programs you are running. Adding more RAM is very helpful for reaching your computer's maximum potential.

What products do I need to build my computer from scratch?

Building a computer from scratch is not a simple task. Having the parts will not guarantee success. The person must also have knowledge of schematics, wiring and hardware. Any computer store which sells the parts needed should be able to provide guidance and support in building a computer from scratch.

How to Find Inexpensive Computer Hardware?

There are a lot of ways that you can find the computer hardware you need for very low prices. Some of these are obvious choices, others are less obvious, but the result is the same: easy to find, low cost hardware. The best place to start is online. Generally, online stores will be much cheaper than physical stores due to their low operational costs. However, if you're not very keen on having computer hardware shipped to you, you could also try looking for slightly older hardware at larger stores. While software is constantly evolving, there is no reason you can't find a decent, older monitor for a decent price.

What does cloud computing really mean?

Cloud computing involves sharing of resources from one computer to another, nut not limited to computers its allows multiple devices and hardware to link up together to perform a task without a user having to have the hardware on hand, simply when you use the internet your using many other resources that u don't have on your own computer.

The purpose of testing hardware prior to installing operating system?

The purpose of testing the hardware is very important before you install the operating system because is to make sure if your computer can handle the operating system with having any problems; like for example, slowing down, and constantly freezing up. Having the right hardware makes everything run smoothly and doing your tasks on the computer with ease. It is like putting premium lead into a unleaded gas tank of a car, the car won't be able to handle and may cause problems.

What is a voice recognition device and how is it used?

Ability of a computer, computer software program, or hardware device to decode the human voice into digitized speech that can be interpreted by the computer or hardware device. Voice recognition is commonly used to operate a device, perform commands, or write without having to operate a keyboard, mouse, or press any buttons. For example, a user could say "open Internet" and the computer would open an Internet browser and allow that user to browse the Internet.

Do Computer will run without the installation of software?

Tricky question. I would say a computer is defined as having both software and hardware. Something that has no software is more like a collection of logic gates that are hard wired to accept commands. So my answer would be no.

How do you install pro tools LE without having to connect any hardware?

You can't. You need to connect the hardware to install it.

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In computer systems OS stands for Operating System. The operating system is a link between the hardware (the hard drive, screen, keyboard, mouse etc.) and the software. Programmers can call standard routines in the operating system to talk to the hardware (for example to find out where the mouse is on the screen) without having to rewrite these routines themselves every time they need them.

What does hardware profile mean?

Hardware profiles , which are set by a systems administrator, describe which pieces of hardware are enabled or disabled when a system is booted under a given profile. They eliminate the process of Windows having to redetect hardware. This tip will show you how to create and manage hardware profiles.

How is the POST useful to the computer?

POST stands for Power On Self Test. Basically, the computer checks itself for hardware and software problems. If it doesn't detect anything, it boots. If it does, it won't boot. This is useful because before boot is the only time the computer remains in the BIOS, so it is a way the computer checks the BIOS without the user having to do anything.

Will a modem be detected without the internet?

if you are asking will my modem in my computer be detected without having an internet connection. Yes, you computer should auto detect that a modem is present. Now that doesn't mean that windows/linux/Mac will have the drivers you need to be able to use your hardware.

How To Find Cheap Computer Hardware?

Selecting your computer hardware is something that millions of people do each year. Computer hardware is essential to being able to get online, play games, and message your friends. So how do you find computer hardware that is right for you without having to take out a loan to pay for it? The answer is pretty easy if you just follow this guideline. 1.eBay. Computer hardware is one of the biggest pieces of inventory on eBay. Millions of sellers have their basements and attics packed full of computer hardware and are selling it on eBay. Before you buy anything through the website, be sure to check out what other users have said about the seller and how they rank on the site. 2.Craigslist. People are constantly upgrading their computer hardware so they have pieces lying around their homes. Check through the computer section of Craigslist to find motherboards, DVD drives, and power supplies. Always make sure that the item works before you pay for it. You can ask the seller to put it in a computer or another device to prove that it works. OutletPC is one of the best places to find cheap computer hardware. They have closeouts on motherboards, graphics cards, DVD drives and power sources for every make and model of computer on the market. If you’re looking for a solid option to buy a newer piece, OutletPC is a great bet. is another great resource for finding cheap computer hardware. They have an inventory full of every computer part you will need. Hard drives, motherboards, DVD drives, and monitors are just some of the things that they keep stocked. Tiger Direct also has stores in some areas so see if they offer a store around you. Amazon is one of the best places to find bargains on computer hardware. You can search through thousands of sellers and get the best price available on your new computer hardware. If you feel comfortable buying a used piece, sellers will also offer refurbished pieces that are guaranteed to work. Check out user reviews and the seller’s rating before you buy anything from them.