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only if you and your lender report it to the other bureaus

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What is plural of bureau?

The plural of bureau is bureaus or bureaux.

What is the plural of the word bureau?

The plural of bureau is bureaus.

What is the Plural of bureau?

The plural of bureau is bureaux (from French) or bureaus.(The English plural "bureaus" is used almost exclusively for government agencies.)

What is the Plural form of bureau such as in agency?

Either bureaus or bureaux.

What are the top three business credit bureaus?

The top three business credit bureaus are Dun & Bradstreet, Business Experian and Business Equifax. These credit bureaus control 99% of the credit bureau market.

How does a company join a credit bureau if they want to report the occasional bad debt account?

Contact the 3 national Credit Bureaus; Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. They can assist you with this question.

How do you report a debtor to credit bureau?

You can simply write a letter to the bureau and report whatever you have to say about them to the bureaus. You can also call and report them if you prefer.

What information does the creditor need about you to report you to the collection bureau?

Creditors obtain all the information they need to report defaulted accounts to credit bureaus when the account holder fills out the original application/agreement.

Where does Georgia Farm Bureau do business in Florida?

They don't do business in Florida. Georgia Farm Bureau is a single state insurer, as are most Farm Bureaus.

What are 3 nationally recognized credit bureaus?

Three nationally recognized credit bureaus are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Not every mark on a credit report will show up in all three bureaus. Occasionally, companies only report to one bureau.

How do you dispute debt reaging?

Pretty easy. You just need to send a letter to the credit bureaus and tell them that you are disputing the date of last activity on the account. You can find their contact information at

How can you report good and bad to the credit bureau?

Your business would have to become a client/contributing member of the credit bureaus.

Can you report people to the credit bureau if you hold their mortagages or contracts?

yes. contact the credit bureaus and learn how to set up an account and do the reporting. You can help us all. You should have done this before you rented or sold and gotten a credit report then.

What is the singular possessive and plural and plural possessive of bureau?

The singular possessive form is bureau's. The plural forms are bureaus or bureaux (both are accepted). The plural possessive forms are bureaus' or bureaux's. (they are pronounced the same, the x is silent)

Does Home Depot report business credit to credit bureau?

does home depot report to credit bureaus? I am trying to rebuild my credit.

Can a judgment be reported to more that one credit bureau?

Yes a judgement can be reported to more than one credit bureau and is usually reported to the three major credit bureaus (equifax, tranunion & experian)

Why do you need the US Bureau?

There are different types of bureaus within the US, each with a specific scope and purpose. For example, to determine the needs of the nation in many areas, there is the US Census Bureau. To keep national law and order, there is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), etc.

What is the procedure to report your customers to the credit bureau?

Contact the 3 national Credit Bureaus; Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. They can assist you with this question.

Is a judgment against you automatically reported to all credit agencies?

Not in the sense that an officer of the court contacts credit bureaus and gives them the pertinent information. There are hundreds of businesses which only do searches of public records and then sell the information to other business, credit bureaus, attorneys, private citizens, and so forth. The credit bureau itself would not be able to take on such an arduous task and still maintain quality productivity (assuming they do, which is a BIG assumption).

Where is the Canadian credit bureau based?

One of the Canadian Credit Bureaus which can be contacted is Equifax Canada Co. and it is based in Montreal, Quebec. The other Canadian Credit Bureau is Trans Union Canada but unfortunately, it cannot be contacted.

Can you sue a credit information bureau for incorrect information?

Unless you can prove that the bureau singled you out in order to ruin your reputation as a borrower (which is highly improbable no matter how you feel about the bureaus) you cannot sue the credit bureau. You can, however, request that incorrect information be removed from your record. If the creditor that you feel is fraudulent cannot provide records to prove that you are behind or have the account, the credit bureau will remove the item from your report... If you do feel singled out by one particular bureau and want to obtain credit, then ask the to-be-creditor to check your report from a different bureau and not from the one you feel has fraudulent information. They might concede with your request if they feel the situation is extreme enough...

Where do you send information for your credit report for the 3 credit bureaus?

In the back of your credit report there is a listing of addresses and phone numbers for each credit bureau.

If your name was added to your parent's credit card can you have the account removed from your credit report?

Only if you did not authorize it. Then your parents would be charged with credit card fraud.If your parents added you to their account as an authorized user, you are not liable for any balance, whether you charged on the card or not. Authorized users generally did not enter into a legal agreement with the creditor. That agreement only extends to the account holder.However, it is customary and usual for these accounts to show on consumer's credit report. There are numerous lawsuits and class action suits contesting the practice. The bureaus continue to do this because their primary client, the credit card companies, benefit if a frustrated or confused authorized user pays the account.Your situation is different if you were added as a co-borrower to the account. Like the co-signer on a car loan, you would be liable for the full amount of the loan or account.If you dispute any information on this account with the credit bureaus it will be deleted from your credit report. The credit bureau must delete Any account in which you are only an authorized user once information is disputed. I have done this myself accidentally.

If one credit company deletes an inaccurate account from your credit report does it automatically get removed from all credit reports?

Absolutely not. You'll have to contact each credit bureau and challenge each account. It's frustrating, but it's worth keeping your credit score up and your history clean.

How long does it take for a credit card to fall of your credit?

credit card information should automatically purge from your credit bureau 6 years from the date of last activity. ie) if you pay your account in full (nil balance) on June, 2012 (DLA=date of last activity) and you do not use the account, the account should purge on June, 2018