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They may be entitled to some assets but it is not a certainty. When a person dies intestate (without a will) the state probate succession laws apply. All assets, property and debts of the deceased are entered into probate. All creditors are notified by the appointed executor or executrix of the probate filing. Creditors have a period of time as specified by state law to file a claim against the estate. No assets or property will be distributed until all debts and taxes are paid according to their priority and to the extent of the available assets. Once debts have been paid, any remaining assets and all exempted assets and property will be distributed to surviving family members. The general succession rules are, the surviving current spouse and her children, then the biological children of a previous marriage(s), the parents of the deceased (if applicable)and so forth until the estate is depleted. The issue of unpaid child support is not likely viable unless there was a court order and the state chooses to make a claim against the estate for repayment of any public assistance that was received by the minor children. Any "interested party" has the legal option of contesting a will but not probate succession law. The only option if the adult children are not included would be for them to file a suit against the estate in the appropriate court.

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Q: When an estranged parent dies are the adult children from the first marriage entitled to anything from the estate if there is no will and no support was paid over the years for these children?
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When a parent dies from dementia are the adult children from the first marriage entitled to anything from the estate if there is a will leaving everything to the wife and no kids from their marriage.?


What are you entitled to in a divorce after only a year and a half of marriage?

During a divorce you are entitled to half of all assets that were acquired during the marriage. You are not entitled to anything that was owned before the marriage took place.

Who inherits in Tennessee when husband dies and house was in both names. he has two grown children by another marriage?

The spouse gets the home. The children are not entitled to a portion of the home. They are not required to get anything from the estate.

If a mother is widowed and remarried and no will is left and the wife dies first which children are entitled to receive inheritance the first or second marriage children under Iowa law?

All her biological children are equally entitled as heirs at law.

Are the adult children from the first marriage entitled to a man's askes after he dies?

A current spouse would have first claim.

Do children from a first marriage have any inheritance rights to the estate of a parent who remarried?

It depends on the situation. If there is a will, the will determines. If there is no will the law of the jurisdiction (state in the US) will determine. In many cases the children from the first marriage are entitled to half the property if there are no children from the second marriage. Consult a probate attorney in your jurisdiction.

Your house is in your name only can your estranged husband claim half?

Generally, if the house was purchased before marriage, the estranged husband has no right to it. That is what my lawyer told me today. You should discuss it with your own attorney since there are factors that could change the situation. For example, if your husband inherited money and then used it to build an addition on your home he would be entitled to an interest.

What if your father is a bigimist when he dies do you inheret his estate or does the son of his second marriage inheret his estate?

The second marriage is invalid, so the children of that marriage are illegitimate. Whether illegitimate children are entitled to a share of the inheritance depends on the law of the particular country involved - which you do not specify.

Why did Beth's husband not get sick in contagion?

Because they have an estranged marriage and aren't physically close.

If your mother was married to someone other than your biological father and have another child from that marriage and she passed away is the other children entiled to anything?

In general, you and your mother's other children are entitled to the same benefits - child support, Social Security, a share of the estate, etc.

What is my wife entitled to after 7 years of marriage in FL?

She will be entitled to what is her share legally.

If father remarried has children from second marriage and adult children from previous marriage are all his children entitled to inherit under Oklahoma law?

Yes. All the children would be considered heirs at law under the laws of intestacy. See related question link provided below.

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