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Iv been breeding birds for a long time, all parrots use shavings in their nestbox(the ones you get for hamsters etc but make sure you get a non scented one) this is for lovebirds to big macaws ,the exception is budgies who don't use anything! Ps give lovebirds willow branches they will strip the bark and use it in the nest box also

If you have a pet lovebird they usually will build there nest in a nesting box, if you have one. In the wild they would usually make their nests in trees such as other birds do.

that sounds kinnda weird. are trying u to get in trouble?

A nest box is a box that birds (parrots) lay their eggs in and raise their babies until the babies fledge.

i would say a wood nest box for colder days and a metal nest box for the warmer days days because a metal nest box would just get cold when in the winter so that would freeze the kits

In or out of what? Their nest box? They should stay in their nest box until they are able to get out by themselves. Is that your question?

A 14" X 12" X 12" nest box is adequate for a 11# doe. 14" is the length of the box.

No, but they will use the same box if the old nest is removed after the young fledge. Sometimes they will build a new nest on top of the old nest.

At about age 1 to 2 lovebirds start to lay eggs. You need to buy a nesting box (lovebird appropriate) in condition for your lovebirds to lay eggs. you can get a nesting box from your local pet store. but make sure you fill it with soft stuff or the egg might brake. If your female lovebird lays an egg it will not be fertile unless she has a mate.

Nest. A hive is an artificial box in which the bees build their nest.

The Lovebirds was created in 2007.

lovebirds are called lovebirds because in celtic mythology, Aengus the god of love was shown with for tiny birds flying around his head.

the female will be sitting in the nest box all day and the male is out side the cage garding the eggs from outside the breeding box.

Georg A. Radtke has written: 'Lovebirds' -- subject(s): Lovebirds 'Book of Lovebirds'

Baby lovebirds are called chicks.

It is not advisable to eat lovebirds' eggs.

No, but they may fight with other birds in the aviary. We breed our Fischer Lovebirds in and Aviary, this is called colony breeding. You must provide three nest boxes for every two pairs in the aviary and place them as far enough as possible to prevent fighting.

A hole... a box... a nest of sorts!

Um, to the budgies it doesn't really matter where the nest box is as long as it's always there and in the same place.

wood shavings or straws (not plastic straws --.--) I personally put strips of my old cotton shirt inside my parakeets nest box

In most cases it will not hatch. What is recommended is for you to place the egg inside the nest box, you may want to put a spray millet stick in the entrance of the nest box to encourage the parent to enter. If this does not work you may use a basket placed on the floor of the cage. A fertile egg can last up to 10 days at room temperature without incubation.

The duration of Singing Lovebirds is 1.15 hours.

Lovebirds don't urinate, they only poop, they discharge liquids ans solids together. visit for more on Lovebirds

Solve the equation for x, and enter your answer in the box below.

Lovebirds and parakeets are separate species and they can't interbreed.

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