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Germany invaded Poland in 1939,in April 1940 they struck against Denmark and Norway,in May of the same year Hitler sent German forces into France,in February 1941 they went into Libya and on to Egypt,also in 1941 they invaded Yugoslavia,Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941.By late 1941,Germany and her allies controlled almost all of mainland and Baltic Europe with the exception of neutral countries (though Spain and Portugal were debated)

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What countries were taken over by Nazi Germany in 1930?

Nazi Germany did not exist until 1933

Where were the concentration camps held during the Holocaust?

They were in Europe, mainly in Germany and a few in other countries that Nazi Germany had taken over.

What countries did Nazi Germany take over by force?

the nazi took over Europe

When did Hitler began taken over?

Hitler began to take over Germany with the Nazi party in January 1933

Who ruled over Nazi Germany?

The Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler ruled Nazi Germany. That is why it is called "Nazi" Germany.

What were the last two countries taken over by Germany?

Holland Belgium

What eles did Hitler rule?

He just ruled over Germany, the countries hitler occupied were Nazi German - occupied states.

What countries were taken over by dictators?

After WW1 germany, Italy, and Japan had dictators. Germanys was HITLER:(

Who rule over Nazi germany?


Did England hand over there Jewish populations to Nazi Germany?

No. England accepted many Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.

Who was the ruler over Nazi Germany?

Adolph Hitler............

What were the countries during World War 2 that were taken over by Germany?

Poland,Holland,France,Austria ,Italy

Four countries taken over by Germany after the beginning of the war in September 1939?

Poland, belgium, Iran, Iraq

What country was first taken over by the Nazis?

I guess you could say that Germany (the home nation for the Nazi Party) was the first country taken over by the Nazis. Next would come Austria in 1936 & Czechoslovakia in 1938 before the war began. Then with the start of the war: Poland in 1939. Other countries were defeated & conquered in 1940 & 1941.

What countries that use fascism?

Facism refers to a strict government that has a dictator who has the ultimate control and encourages on extreme racism and nationalism. The countries that were effected by fascism were Germany and Italy and countries taken over by Germany in world war 2.

How were the citizens of Norway treated during world war 2?

They were invaded by the Germans and were treated like other people/countries who had been taken over by the Nazi.

When germany attacked in World War 2 did countries fight back?

Yes they fought for as long as they could. France was taken over by Germany, but they had rebels who continued to fight.

Where we're nazi death camps located?

All over germany

Why did America go to war against Nazi Germany?

1 Pearl Harbor 2 Hitler was trying to take over the world and other countries in Europe were losing.

Why was Sweden not taken over during World War 2?

Sweden was neutral during the war, but agreed to most demands from Nazi Germany, such as troop transport through the country.

Why did the Nazi party gain strength in Germany?

Nazi gained power and strength over Germany because, they used propaganda, terror and rallies to gain support of the german people.

In world war 2 what were Nazi Germany and japan fighting over?

The territory of their neighbors. Nazi Germany, Italy & Japan were consumed with the desire to conquer & enslave their neighboring nations.

What was the Nazi headquaters during World War 2?

All over germany

What year did Hitler's Nazi party gain control over Germany?


From what part of the world were the Jews taken to death camps?

The victims were taken to the camps from all over Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe. In addition, some were sent there from some Vichy controlled areas of North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia).