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Hitler wrote a book of his ideal society and how he would go about achiving it. It was called "My Struggle" or "Mein Kampf" in German. He also used his arrest and trial as an opportunity to make himself a national figure and further publicize Nazi party ideas and policies.

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Q: When and what did Hitler do during his time in jail?
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Did Adolf Hitler ever serve time in jail?

Hitler did not serve time in Jail. He killed himself because he didn't wanna serve the consequences in trial/jail.

What jail did Hitler spend time in?

Landsberg, near Munich.

Did Hitler go to jail a second time?

no because he suicided

What revolt landed Hitler in jail?

Hitler was jailed on November 8, 1923 during the "Beer Hall Putsch" in Bavaria.

How many times was Adolf Hitler in jail for?

Hitler was in jail only once.

What happened to Hitler during 1919-1924?

He was in jail. He wrote Mein Kampf.

How did Hitler get out of jail?

He was released early out of jail.

When was Hitler in jail?

he was thrown into jail on 1924

What did Hitler do for him to serve jail time for?

He tried to overthrow the German government, but failed.

What did Hitler do in 1924-1929?

In WW1, Hitler was a soldier. After the war he was imprisoned because he was a threat to overtake the government, which he later did. During this time period he eventually was free from jail, and became the leader of Germany's fascist government.

What type of jods did Hitler have before a nazi?

Adolph Hitler was a paper hanger before Nazism. He also did a little jail time.

Why was Hitler put in jail the first time?

He tried to overthrow the German government, but was unsuccessful.

What did hitler do during World War I?

Hitler was a soldier during World War 1 in the German Army. After the war he went to jail for High Treason in 1924, and while he served his time he wrote his memoir "Mein Kampf".He was in the German army as an enlisted man. His rank was corporal.

Did Hitler die in jail?

No, he did not. :)

How much time did Hitler get sentenced in jail?

Hitler was Sentenced on April 1 1924 for High Treason and was released in December of the same year

What time period did adolf Hitler live in?

Hitler live during ur mama

When did Hitler go to jail?

in 1919

Where was Hitler sent to jail?


What did Hitler do in the First World War?

Hitler was nothing, he was just a foot soldier during this time.

How did Hitler persuade Germans to fight in the German army during World War 2?

appeal to German nationalism, or jail

When was Hitler let out of jail?

Hitler was released from prison on December 20 1924.

When was Hitler put in jail?

Hitler was put in jail in 1923 and started writing mein kamph his book. he was let out after just 9 months

What time was Hitler part of the army?

Hitler served in the German army during World War One.

Why did Adolf Hitler go to jail before the second wold war?

He tried to overthrow the German government at the time.

What year did Hitler go to jail?