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When and where did shaman originated?

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This isn't how Shaman originated, but you can get him by doing this:

1. Get Action Replay

2. Do the cheat code "run anywhere/walk anywhere"

3. Go beside the place past the elite 4

4. Then you will see a very long path of flowers, keep going till you see mud steps

5. Then you will see this unfamiliar flower, press A when you are in front of it

6. Then the flower will growl at you, then you have battle Shaman. The more ultra balls you have the higher chance you have of catching him.

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Who can be a shaman?

Anyone who is ready to become a shaman will become a shaman.

How do you become a shaman?

A shaman is trained by another shaman; it's the apprentice system.

How do you use the word shaman in a sentence?

You are not a shaman . You are just normal person.

How can you tell if someone is really a shaman?

You might be a shaman if you has lots of totemz! You might be a shaman if you keep trying to turns into a ghost wolfz! You might be a shaman if you spam cast chain lightning! You might be a shaman if you like kilts You might be a shaman if you has a one with nature You might be a shaman if you has tusk armorz You might be a shaman if YOU PLAY ONE ON WORLD OF WARCRAFT ZOMG!!! WIN!!! You might be a shaman if ur gay and you asked this question

What is better shaman or evolved shaman?

evo.shamenExtra info:Evolved Shaman: weakness Elemental Grasp doesn't lastShaman: Mana doesn't regenerate fast enough

When did Floyd Shaman die?

Floyd Shaman died in 2005.

Where can you find shaman in Pokemon platinum?

You can find shaman at route 224

What nicknames does Shawn Shaman go by?

Shawn Shaman goes by Ice.

How many pages does Shaman of Oberstdorf have?

Shaman of Oberstdorf has 203 pages.

How do you get shaman class in Adventure Quest World?

Shaman class is Rank 10 Arcangrove Reputation. Type /join Arcangrove, and then talk to Rayst The classes "Evolved Shaman" and "Shaman" can be bought in his Rep Shop.

How many episodes are in shaman king?

The Shaman King anime has 64 episodes.

When was Christopher Shaman Abba born?

Christopher Shaman Abba was born in 1935.

When did Christopher Shaman Abba die?

Christopher Shaman Abba died in 2010.

When was Kill Shaman Records created?

Kill Shaman Records was created in 2003.

Which is the better class in aqw evolved shman or shaman?

Evolved Shaman is better.

When was Shaman - comics - created?

Shaman - comics - was created in 1979.

Were and how can you see a zombie?

Well... zombies are derived from Shaman witchcraft, where the Shaman apparently brought someone back from the dead. So go find a Shaman and ask him/her to do this, if they will.

Do any of you know a good name for a shaman's shop NOT Shamansbury's - The Mighty Boosh have had that. It must have shaman in it or something to do with the word shaman?

Shaman City.

In Shaman King is Morty really a shaman?

In the Anime he is. He is a shaman starting from episode 51-62. His guardian ghost is Mosuke, but he doesn't stay a shaman. In the Manga, Morty is not a shaman and has serious self-confidence issues regarding that, not believing that he has done anything worth anything until the very last couple of chapters.

How can you use shaman in a sentence?

In many cultures a shaman will sacrifice a chicken to appease the spirits.

Why pagan needs a shaman?

Anyone may consult a Shaman, for any number of reasons.

Is shaman capitalized?

No, because it is not a proper noun. But if somebody's name was shaman then it would be capitalized.

What is a pagan shaman?

A shaman is a person(specifically a religious leader/figure/mystic/etc) who can travel/communicate between this world and their equivalent of the spirit world. A pagan shaman would be a shaman who belongs to one of the religions under the "pagan" umbrella.

What is the Hebrew word for shaman?

There is no Hebrew word for Shaman. Modern Hebrew just uses the word "Shaman" spelled שאמן or שמן

What actors and actresses appeared in The Shaman - 1996?

The cast of The Shaman - 1996 includes: Saffron Burrows James Elvey Angela Pleasence as Shaman Johnny Shannon