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When and why did the US enter World War 2 When did it end?

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What were reasons for the US not to enter World War 1?

We were in the end\middle of the great depression.

Why did us enter war world 2?

depends on who us is

When did the us enter the Korean war and when did it end?


Why did the US decided to enter world war?

the us decided to enter world war because they want the resources of france, and they want to keep on ruling france.

When did the US enter World War?

The U.S. Entered World War 1 in 1917.

When did the us enter world war one?

1917. :]

Where did the US enter World War 2?

Into Europe

Why do you think the us entered World War 1?

They didn't enter the first world war

Who was USPresident at end of World War 2?

US PresidentHarry Truman was US President at the end of World War 2.

Why did the US declare war on Germany and enter world war 2?

Germany declared war on the US. The US entered World War 2 because of the Pearl Harbor raid.

When did the US enter world war 1 and 2?


When did the US finally enter World War 1?


What year did thew US enter World War I?


What did the us enter after world war 2?

pearl harbor

Was it a good decision for the US to enter the World War 1?


What year did the US enter to world war 2?


Was it vital for the US to enter in World war 2?

yes it was vital 4 the US 2 enter World War 2 because we needed their help 2 win the war. It turns out tht because of them we won the war.

What era did the us enter after the war of 1812 end?

Era of good feelings

Why did the US enter World War I and when did the war end?

The US entered WW1 when a German U boat sunk the Lusitania, killing 1198 people, including 128 Americans. World war 1 ended November 1918 when the Armistice (ceasefire) was signed.

What ship was torpedoed that caused the US to enter World War I?

The sinking of the Lusitania by a German submarine was the event that pulled the US into World War I.

When did the us enter the 1st world war?

US Congress declared war on Germany on 6th April 1917

What country was responsible for the US entering World War 1?

The US itself was responsible for its decision to enter the war.

What year did the us enter the world war 2?

The us entered ww2 in 1941

Why did us enter the Great War 2 and a half years after the war was started?

World War 2

How did the us in World War 2 end?

Maybe its gonna be a cool World War.

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