When are eastern painted turtles laid?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: When are eastern painted turtles laid?
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Can you hold eastern painted turtles?

It depends on the size:)

Can painted turtles bite?

Yes, painted turtles are fully capable of biting you. I have 9 juvenile Eastern Painted turtles and they bite my fingers when they want attention or food. Although most painted turtles won't bite when threatened, you will come across the occasional moody one.

Is there something bad happening to the eastern painted turtles?

Not right now, they are doing okay

What can sun turtles not eat?

"Sun turtle" is not a specific breed of turtle. It is a nickname for a group of turtle species known as Painted Turtles. There are four different types of painted turtles, Eastern Painted, Midland Painted, Southern Painted and Western Painted. Each one has it's own specific dietary requirements. Because sun turtles do not exist and is just a nickname for a group called Painted Turtles, which there are four different species of, you will need to find out exactly which species of painted turtle you own before dietary requirements can be recommended.

Are stink pot turtles and painted turtles the same?

no, stinpots are musk turtles not painted turtles

How big does an eastern painted turtle get?

Eastern Painted Turtles reaches up to 7-8", though natural intergrades with Midland Painted ancestry can get larger.

Can a baby eastern painted turtle live with a baby hermann's tortoise?

you should not put them together because tortioses live on land with little water. eastern painted turtles love water and spend most of their time in water. what i would do is get two different tanks to put them in. by the way eastern painted turtles are omnivores and hermann's tortoises are herbivores. the two wouldn't work together.

Can eastern painted turtles breed with box turtles?

No, only the same breed of turtles can mate. Except sub breeds, like the Yellow Belly Slider and Red Eared Slider. And the Mud and Musk turtles.

Are baby painted turtles poisonous?

painted turtles are NOT harmful at all!

Types of turtles?

sea turtles painted turtles snapping turtles

Do box turtles and painted turtles get along?

Painted turtles live in water. box turtles live on land. you'll kill a painted turtle on land and kill the box turtle in water

What are the most common turtles?

Painted turtles and snapping turtles