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As far as I know you can have preferred lies anytime but whther or not the score counts is another matter.

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Who invented a Julian calender?

Julius Caesar demanded his advisers to create it to get rid of the handicap of uniform lunar months and square-off intercalary months, exacerbated by the intercalary months not being properly implemented.

Is it normal to have groin pain 3 months after hernia operation?

Groin pain 3 months after hernia operation in females is a complication of surgery. Talk to your primary doctor or surgeon.

If you have a lot of recent credit enquiries on your report how long does it take for your credit score to improve?

Credit inquires are factored into the score for 12 months for the purposes of lending and for 24 months for purposes of insurance quotes and underwriting.

How important was operation Barbarossa?

Operation Barbarossa can be said to be quite an important battle. This is because, Operation Barbarossa was the codenamed Operation for the German Invasion of the USSR. Hitler was expecting to go from Poland to Moscow within 2 months but this wasn't the case.

When can a woman get pregnant after Cesarean operation?

after passing of minimum 9 to 11 months of ceaseran operation , woman will be ready for taking care of another pregnancy.

How does a dentist expose a hidden tooth?

They do it via a surgical operation. They will cut some of the gum and pull the tooth down. After the operation, they will attach a chain to the tooth and a brace. I'm having this operation in a few months.

Was operation Market Garden successful?

No, it was a huge failure which likely prolonged the war several months.

What type of oil does a 2002 Dodge Intrepid se use?

5w30 is the preferred oil for the 2.7L Engine 10w30 is the preferred oil for the 3.5 (winter months 32 and below) 5w30 is ok for cold winter starts.

How many bombs were dropped by the US during Operation Rolling Thunder?

During the many months during which Operation Rolling Thunder operated, 643,000 tons of bombs were dropped.

How long did Operation Overlord last and how many casualties were there during the operation?

Operation Overlord lasted just over 3 months and there where 2,200 American casultys and between 3000 and 3300 German casultys. i found a answer Davonte ask me and i will give it to you

Your male was fixed about 3 months ago can your female still get pregnant?

Yes but if the operation on the male was successful the not by him

How much is a handicap parking ticket in Maryland?

In Westminster, Maryland, the fine for parking in a handicap space without proper tags or placard is 100.00. This fee seems to be different in different jurisdictions, as I have been told that in some areas it is 75.00, 85.00 in others and in Westminster, about 7 months ago it was raised from 25.00 to 100.00.

What is charlie Gordon's IQ?

Charlie's IQ before the operation: 68 after three months from the operation , Charlie's IQ reached 185. In the beginning of the story, Charlie's IQ was 68. Then, after he got the operation, it reached 185. And it kept going up from there, 200.

Is 23 handicap in golf good for a 13 year old who has been playin for 8 months?

Yes that is pretty good. If you just keep practicing at it you could become very good.

How long did Operation Barbarossa last?

Operation Barbarossa started on 22nd June 1941 and ened on 5th Decmber 1941, so it lasted 6 months and 13 days or 134 days.

How did the facilities help with Pearl Harbor?

Repair facilities were NOT destroyed. Pearl was back in operation within months of the attack.

How long to recover from lumbar fusion operation?

I was 18, and I took me about 6 months to get fully released from the doctor. L4l5

When did the Persian Gulf War Operation Desert Storm commence?

Operation Desert Storm began on January 17, 1991; some five and a half months after the war began on August 1, 1990.

How many ships and planes were at Midway when Pearl Harbor was bombed?

Midway was a separate operation and over 6 months away.

How do use the word regain in a sentence?

After the operation the doctor said it would take months for me to regain the use of my left hand.

In order to keep ones handicap how many games should one play at ones own club?

Rules will vary from country to country. In England at the moment you don't need to play any games to maintain a handicapbut there are restrictions if you want to enter specific competitions. Roughly speaking you need to have played three games in handicap situations in the preceding 12 months in order to enter the main competitions of a club. Rules in England will change in 2010 and become more complex.

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