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No, Miranda Rights do not have to be read during any arrest. Miranda Rights are required prior to an interrogation but have nothing to do with an arrest.

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Q: When arrested for possession of marijuana does the police officer have to read the Miranda rights to the arrested individual?
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Was arrested for marijuana Miranda rights not told can the charges be dropped?

If you were taken into custody with the intent to be interrogated then yes, the charges could be dropped.

Did Miranda know what his rights were when arrested?


The MIranda decision of the supreme court concerned?

The Miranda decision of the Supreme Court was concerned with police informed the accused of their rights when they are arrested. They are called Miranda Rights.

Your Miranda rights were read to you after you were arrested Is this legal?

Miranda Rights may be read at any time prior to interrogation.

If arrested by the feds does a person still have the same Miranda Rights?

Yes, a person still has the same Miranda rights if arrested by federal agents. The reading of the Miranda rights is a national precedent. This means that all law enforcement agencies are required to read them.

What rule allows your rights to be read before you are arrested?

This rule is known as the Miranda rule. The warnings are known as Miranda warnings.

Is an officer supposed to read you your Miranda if being arrested for Suspended License?


What Supreme Court case stated that suspects need to be advised of their constitutional rights when they are arrested?

There is no requirement to advise arrested persons of their rights. The trigger for advice or rights under Miranda V Arizona is 'custodial interrogation'. A person arrested but not questioned is usually not advised of rights, but a person who is being questioned and is not free to leave, whether or not they are arrested must be advised.

What if Miranda rights not given til hour after arrest?

As long as you are advised of your Miranda rights beforequestioning is begun it does not matter. Miranda rights are not about being arrested they are about what your rights are during questioning.

What are rights called that are often used by people arrested for a crime?

Miranda rights

Should you have your rights read on being arrested for a misdemeanor?

Anytime you are arrested in the US by a legitimate organization, you are required to be 'read' your Miranda Rights.