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The bell clapper is hanging from the ceiling. Jump up and get it. Once you have scared away the seagull, you can fix the school bell in the tower.

(see related question)

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You Don't Open It It's Just There So You Have To Look Around The House For The Real Item You Need To Continue On W/ The Game.

You can read the phone number if you open the item bag and click on the SHOVEL card.

Turn the light on and look by the ceiling. The bell clapper for the school bell is hanging there. (Also, you can talk to Artur, who got stuck down there.)

use the item finder app on your poke wach and look around the hotel use the item finder app on your poke wach and look around the hotel

look around with the item finder and buy some at department stores.

look around with the item finder app on the poke watch.

You can look around the island all you want. The "Underground Tunnel Tour" requires tickets. (see related question)

After getting the national dex you can find johto Pokemon roaming around the sevii islands AKA islands 1-7. Take a look around each island to find all the johto Pokemon, here are some hints where to look: One island, Four island, Five island, Six island, Seven island.

The secret master ball is in mewtoo's lair. Look around with the item finder for it.

there is one at the cinnabar island just look around

you go to the dimond plains and look around for i

All unknowns are in the seventh sevii island, you just have to look around.

You look around for Mew and I do not know the other Pokemon, but it will be level 30.

look around the place for them there practically every where

give it to the guy in the museum and he'll let you look around

iron island 3rd floor or look around route228

Look around. One of them are the cave where you catch lugia first entrance and a item should be there.

Jacques Cousteau dived around Dia Island in 1972. The purpose of his trip was to look for the lost Atlantis. Please see the links.

Go to the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island and look around

if u look around u might find a webkinz store

there is a software known as " game shark" (or you could use a "action replay") get that specific item from eBay or amazon or whatever. when you get one, turn your computer on and look for the code for 10 island. after that, do what the manual tells you to do and voilla!

Try retracing your steps. Look in the obvious places like your pocket first, and then the less obvious places. Look around in the places you took that item and think about where you might have left it normally. Make posters if you have to and ask people if they have seen it. Good luck!

yes if you have not used it yet place it in the sixth item slot then talk to the guy hwo likes coffee and let him show you how to catch Pokemon. then go to cinnabar island and walk to the right of the island and surf on the edge so it looks like you are half on land and keep on surgfing up and down that edge and you will run into a Pokemon that looks like a glith an its name will be either missingno or 'm then when you look at the item in the sixth item slot the item will have a glitch box next to it and when you use that item 9 times the glitch box will look different and it has around ten different glitch boxes and when you run out of glitch boxes you will have ninety- nine of that item you can repeat this as many times as you want with as many items as you want PS a couple of Pokemon above level 100 will also appear along with safari zone Pokemon. hope this helps

Look for an item called "expand-a-lung." Look for an item called "expand-a-lung."