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Q: When avatar the Legend of Korra come on nickindia?
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What date exactly will Avatar Legend of Korra come out?

April 14th, 2012

When does the new Avatar series come out?

The Legend of Korra? It began on April 14, 2012

When will they show new episodes of Avatar the Last Air Bender?

they are not making any more episodes of avatr, but the legend of korra, a spinoff taking place 75 years later and featuring the next avatar korra will come out this summer.

Is Avatar Legend of Korra really true?

Yup. According to some websites, it's suppose to come out sometime in 2012.

What day in November will the series avatar Legend of Korra come out?

The show is already out and the first episode premiered April 14,2012 on Nickelodean.

When does the new avatar series coming out you saw it on TV today?

The Legend of Korra is said to come out mid-2012, but nothing is for certain yet.

When does the Legend of Korra come out?

It depends on your location.The Legend of Korra came out in USA on Nickelodeon April 14,2012.Which means it will come out in the UK in the winter.

In Avatar the Last Airbender can the Avatar have children?

In the new series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Aang and Katara have a son named Tenzin who teaches Korra, the Avatar after Aang, how to master airbending and guides her towards mastering the Avatar state. Avatar: The Legend of Korra takes place 70 years after Avatar: The Last Airbender. The series is supposed to come out in 2012. Also, Ursa, Zuko's mother, is the granddaughter of Avatar Roku. Therefore The Avatar can have children. Even if Guru Pathik told Aang to let go of earthly attachments in the episode the guru, the Avatar could still control the Avatar state after making relationships as long as he/she has opened the Cosmic Chakra that bring pure cosmic energy to the Avatar.

When does Legend of Korra come out on nick?

April 14,2012

The Legends of Korra?

the legend of korra is a show about the avatar. korra is an avatar, aang's history has passed and has come to korra and she can water bend, fire bend, earth bend ,and in the last episode something amazing happens. Aang can air bend but korra can't, but in an episode some awesome happens. well korra's best fiend is a polar bear dog, and i her journey she meets two awesome boys their names are: boilin, and mako. when korra meets boilin she finds out that mako is boilin's brother. and she falls in love with mako. and the love story will keep going.

What time does the Legend of Korra come on?

11:00a.m., Saturday on Nickelodean.

Is the book 4 of avatar EVER will come?

There will be no book 4 for the series. All the questions, (except Zuko's mom), have already been answered. Aang has mastered all the elements and Zuko became the firelord. There is a show called the Legend of Korra,which involes a whole new avatar called Korra. Aang's story has already been told but the arrival of Korra will give all fans something new to look forward too.

When will episode 3 of the Legend of Korra come out?

I think it's coming out today on

When will the 2011 Legend of Korra come out?

April 14 2012 was when it first premiered on Nickelodean.

Are there more seasons of The Legend of Korra?

Yes, there are going to be 4 seasons of The Legend of Korra and a total of 52 episodes. Season 3 just ended so Season 4 will probably come out some time in 2015.

When will the Legend of Korra will come out?

April 14th,2012 on Nickelodeon. March 23 or 24,2012 on the internet.

What is the Legend of Korra going to be about?

The Legend of Korra is a spin off series of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Supposedly, it takes place 75 years after Avatar and star a young water bender named Korra who is the next Avatar. Obviously, that means Aang must have died and it has been presumed that the rest of the cast did as well, but their appearances in flashbacks have not been ruled out. During the show (which is a mini series said to have only 12 episodes planned) Korra is searching for an air bender named Tenzin. But, how is this possible? Well, Tenzin is the son of Aang and Katara, thus he inherited Aang's air bending abilities. (Meaning there is hope for the Air Nomads). So far the show is still in basic casting and production stages and is set to come out some time in 2011.

When is the next season of The Legend of Korra coming out?

The season premiere of Book 4 of The Legend of Korra does not have a release date yet. Book 3 just ended so Book 4 will probably come out some time in 2015.

Does toph ever get a boyfriend?

no but there is gonna be a new season called avatar the legend of korra it will come out some time in 2011 who knows toph could still be still alive and be adult and might have a boy friend and some kids just got to see when the new series come

Is there going to be a sequel to Avatar the Last Airbender and if so when does it come out?

You can read the Promise Trilogy for what happens about a year after the war ends. There's also The Legend of Korra, which takes place about 70 years after the war is over.

When does the Legend of Korra episode 6 come out?

The episode has already aired, you can watch it on an anime site or Nickelodean.

When is the avatar series finale going to be online?

well, if your talking about avatar: the last airbeder it is already online at : and other places if you look hard enough. ,but if your talking about avatar:the legend of korra (comming out in November 2011) it will come online *somtime in the future* *may change in future*

Is Toph going to come out in an episode of The Legend of Korra?

I highly doubt we'll get to see Toph in any of the episodes because she is already dead. But,we might see some flashbacks of her through Korra.

What will happen in episode 13 of The Legend of Korra?

Spoilers:Episode 13 of the whole Legend of Korra series - Rebel SpiritSix months have passed since Amon and the Equalists were defeated, and Korra and the rest of Team Avatar have settled into the peace and quiet Republic City has come to enjoy. Everyone packs up and heads to the South Pole where the Glacier Spirits Festival is set to take place. Upon their arrival, they are soon greeted by Korra's parents, as well as Tonraq's brother, Unalaq, chief of the Northern Water Tribe. Tensions between the two over the spirits of the south force Korra to rethink her training regime. However, the spirits don't wait and that night they launch their angry attack on Korra.

Who is Korra on Avatar?

Korra is a young Avatar with the a lot of confidence, complete opposite of Aang. Korra is bad at Airbending, seeing she doesn't have patience and momentum. She is fairly strong, and originated from the Water Tribe. She's full of herself, and gets in trouble a lot. Currently she is mastering Airbending and is with the the 'Fire Ferrets'. Since the third episode hasn't come out, we don't know much about her. (Or at least in the English dubbed version.) Korra doesn't like to be waiting, or sitting around. So not much is known about her... ;P bye