When baking can you substitute vegetable oil for cooking oil?

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"Cooking oil" is actually a broad term for purified fat derived from plants which is normally liquid at room temperature. "Vegetable oil," when used to label a cooking oil product may refer to a specific oil like rapeseed oil or to a blend of different oils. Not all vegetable oils are edible - some are useful only as fuel oils. Not all cooking oils are vegetable oils - for example there are several nut oils and oils from gourds and melons that can be used in cooking. The non-vegetable cooking oils are seldom used in baking, so for the purposes of baking, the terms cooking oil and vegetable oil are pretty much interchangeable. Any recipe that calls for one can use the other interchangeably with the caveat that some oils are lower fat than others and some of them are more tolerant to heat than others. Olive oil can be substituted for cooking oil, but it changes the flavor a little bit.
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