When can white jacket be worn?

When can I wear a white dinner jacket? The usual timeframe for wearing white dinner jackets is mid May until mid September. A strict traditionalist would tell you that they should only be worn during the day, not in the evening. In fact, the traditionalist might even go so far as to tell you that if the event extends into the evening, you should change out of your white dinner jacket and into a black tuxedo coat at 5:00 or 6:00 P.M. However, as conventions today are less stringent than in the past, it is generally considered acceptable to wear a white jacket throughout the entire event.

If your wedding party members will be wearing white jackets, it is recommended that you ask the gentlemen to bring their jackets to the wedding in clothing bags and have the wedding photographs taken before the ceremony. The white jackets attract everything that isn't white, like makeup, punch, food - you get the idea.