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Chlorine is usually kept in the pool at all times in the form of a tablet, if you mean the chlorine shock treatment which is a poweder that dissloves into the pool, I'd give it anywhere from 30 minutes to a day, depending on how much powder you've used to how many tablets are currently in the pool. Chlorine won't necessarily hurt you, since we swim in pools with it all the time, but it can burn your olfactory senses.

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Q: When can you get in underground pool after you put chlorine?
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How much chlorine is put put in swimming pool?

That would depend on the strength of the chlorine, the size of the pool, and the "Chlorine Demand" of the pool.

How much chlorine do you put for a 1718 gallon pool?

how much chlorine do I put for a 1,718 gallon pool

What should you put in your pool to keep it clean?

Put chlorine in the pool!

Where do you put chlorine tabs in above ground pool?

Chlorine tabs can be put straight into the pool, even if it is above ground. You can also put them in a container in the pool which will help them dissolve more slowly.

What chemicals do you put in a do pool?


Is it better to have a salt water pool than a chlorine pool?

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. the difference is that in a salt water pool the chlorine is added automatically by a chlorinated that works electronically and with a chlorine pool you have to put the chlorine in your self. Salt water pool are by far the more pleasant to swim in. Chlorine because it will kill germs

How much chlorine do you put in a 15 foot pool?

A lot of chlorine.

Do you need to put chlorine into a 10ft swimming pool?

You would still need to put chlorine in it because different people pee in it because it is a public pool. So you need to put chlorine in it to keep it clean.

Why is pool Ph low and chlorine high though you have not put chlorine in for weeks?

Do you have a chlorine generator? No.

How much bleach do you need to put in your swimming pool?

It is not recommended to put bleach in a pool at all. You put chlorine in them.

Can you put chlorine in a 225-gallon pool and if so how much?

Yes you can put Chlorine in a small pool. Try to keep the level about 2 ppm or you will damage the pool liner. Jon

Can you put chlorine tabs or pool shock in a kids pool?

try it out and tell me

In winter the pool is covered except when the pool people come to service the pool what causes the pool to get algae?

well when you leave your pool covered for the winter, you are unable to put chlorine into it. Chlorine prevents algae so to answer your question, the lack of chlorine causes algae

How do you use chlorine in a sentence?

I had to go to my friend's house to put chlorine in his swimming pool while he was away.

What happens when chlorine is put in water?

it disinfects your pool.

How much chlorine do you put into a pool?

That depends on what size pool you have. If you have a smaller pool, the amount would be less, and if you have a larger pool, the amount is more. Consult the instructions on a chlorine box for what size pool and how much to use.

Do you put chemicals in skimmer basket?

Most are OK if pool is running. NEVER leave chlorine tablets in skimmer baskets of in ground pools for any length of time. High concentrations of chlorine can damage underground lines. Get a chlorinator.

How much chemicals do you put in a 2000 gallon pool?

First measure the ppm chlorine level that your pool is at. Next see what the ratio of chlorine is specified on the back of the chlorine package. For example to raise the pool 1 ppm add 13 ounces of chlorine to a 10,000 gal pool. Then set up a ratio of your pool size.

Can you put guppies in an adult pool?

No, Chlorine would kill them.

How do you put chlorine in a pool?

Measure it out then dump it in. It will gradually mix in.

What do you put in the pool to make the pH higher?

i think chlorine

What are bromine chlorine and salt water pool cleaners?

Bromine is an additive that you put in a pool to sanitize the water. Chlorine is an additive that you put in a pool to sanitize the water. Salt is added to some pools to allow it to be converted electronically to chlorine with a salt water chlorinator.

How much Clorox do you put in a 3861 gallon swimming pool?

Do not put clorox in your pool. Use chlorine tablets or granules. It is not as harmful.

Do you have to drain your swimming pool when converting it from a saltwater pool to a chlorine pool?

No, a saltwater pool is already a chlorine pool. ALL CHLORINE EVENTUALLY BECOMES SALT. Every pool that has ever had chlorine in it has salt in it.

Can you put regular chlorine in a salt water pool?

Yes, you can use a combination of salt and chlorine in your pool. Keep in mind that it is still good to shock your pool once per week, or after a rain. Shock is nothing but a high dose of chlorine....