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You can start holding the babies when they are about a week old. Mom will not disown the babies because they smell different like a hamster would. It is good to get them used to people before rehoming them to responsible owners, otherwise they will be afraid of human interaction as they get older.

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Q: When can you start holding baby guinea pigs?
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Baby guinea pigs?

what about baby guinea pigs? lol

What do baby guinea pigs drink?

When baby Guinea pigs are first born they drink from there mother (milk) But as they get older they start drinking water.

When can you start holding guinea pigs?

Whenever u feel comfortable

How do baby guinea pigs drink?

baby guinea pigs will suckle mothers milk

Why baby guinea pigs look after themselves?

there mom leaves the baby guinea pig so that is why baby guinea pigs look afterthemselves.

Why do guinea pigs squeak when your holding them and there are no other guinea pigs in the house?

guinea pigs squeak when your holding them and there are no other guinea pigs in the house because they get lonely and even a bit scared so they squeak trying to get comfort or even just to talk.

Where do baby guinea pigs live?

Baby Guinea Pigs live independent with their mother.Guinea Pigs don't make nests.

Do male guinea pigs eat the baby guinea pigs?

Not usually

How do you take care of baby pigs?

guinea pigs or pigs?

How may baby guinea pigs differ from their parents?

Baby Guinea pigs are smaller and follow their mom around.

Do mother guinea pigs eat baby giunea pigs?

no. guinea pigs dont eat their young.

Can you feed baby guinea pigs peanuts?

no guinea pigs cant eat peanuts

Do father guinea pigs eat baby guinea pigs?

No, father guinea pigs don't eat baby guinea pigs. But they can make the mother pregnant again straight away, so the father should be taken out before the mother has her babies.

How are baby guinea pigs they different from the parents?

Baby guinea pigs are small, They have almost no fur, And of course theyre babys

What is a baby guinea-pig called?

Baby guinea pigs have no special name.

Do guinea pigs turn into pigs as they get older?

No. Baby pigs are called piglets. Guinea pigs are a completely different species of animal.

Do cats eat guinea pigs?

Cats sometimes eat guinea pigs, particularly baby guinea pigs. They will not usually bother with an older, large guinea-pig.

Does kittens eat baby guinea pigs?

Yes,kittens may eat baby Guinea pigs.They may even eat adult Guinea pigs.

Can daddy guinea pig stay in cage with baby's?

i dont think so cause my friend had guinea pigs and her father guinea pig ate one of her baby guinea pigs.

What is the difference between baby rabbits and baby guinea pigs when they are born?

Baby Rabbits are born naked and without open eyes.But,baby Guinea Pigs are more developed,they have fur on their body and are born with open eyes. Baby Guinea Pigs can stand on its own feet just after a minute unlike rabbits.Also,baby Guinea Pigs can eat some foods that adult Guinea pigs eat.But,rabbit babies are fully depended on their mother for food.

How long until baby guinea pigs can shower?

Guinea pigs tend not to take showers.....

Where do you buy baby guinea pigs?

You can get baby guinea pig from a breeder or from a pet store.

Are guinea pigs active?

Guinea pigs have to get used to their home before they start to be active

How does your guinea pig know that your the mom?

you are not the mom. humans have baby humans. guinea pigs have baby guinea pigs. if you have recently given birth to guinea pigs i suggest contacting your local newspaper.

Can guinea pigs swim?

yes guinea pigs can swim but baby guinea pigs cannot so don't try to put your baby guinea pig in the water! but even full grown guinea pigs do not like to swim they can only do it for a short period of time and it puts alot of stress on them! so baith your guinea pig at your own risk!