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When car 1994 tempo turns over but will not start?


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2009-02-02 16:27:37
2009-02-02 16:27:37

I had the same problem, I thought it was the timing belt but it turns out it was only a disconnected controll modual, so make shure its plugged in.

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turns over strong. might start and run for a couple of blocks but then dies.

Fuel, and spark. Check for these first.

Check and clean your spark plugs that might be the problem.

check if you have fuel and spark it needs both to work

If it turns over sluggishly - could be a bad starter If it turns over normally - fueld could be atomizing too early (Vapor lock)

Out of gas? 99 vw passat will not start but turns over have full gas tank try to turn over

nissan 240sx. it turns over but wont start

Need to check for spark & fuel when it's died to go further

If the car turns over, gets gas and just will not start try the ignition module. CAR TURNS OVER

If it turns over and will not start you are lacking either spark or fuel. That is about all the information I can give you with the information you have provided.

Have you checked the ignition control module? Have you checked the ignition control module?

Have you checked for fuel and spark? Fuel pumps ad burnt ignition rotors are very commen on these vehicles

Does it have; fuel, spark, compression?

my 1994 jeep larado turns over then dies out

A bad fuel pump will cause your vehicle to not start or sputter and then stall. A dirty air filter can have the same symptoms.

turn the key the motor turns over but will not start

My 1998 Jeep Wrangler turns over great but will not start. What are the choices to be checked out?

Its to cold out or there is no fuel

2002 chev S-10 will turn over but not start.

To get a 1990 Corvette to start if it turns over and the battery is good, check to ensure the fuel filter is not clogged. You also need to ensure it has plenty of gasoline.

If it is a 12 valve 1994-1998 the fuel shut off selinoid is a common problem about $170 from Piers Diesel or $400 from the dealer.

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