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who's this? maile ta chinnai sakina . tyahi pani , mero army banne sapana aba khai sakar huncha ki hudaina tyo ta vagya le nai bataucha . any way, do good n keep in touch I would sugest a BS in physics or electrical engineering. But if your intersests is software related a then a BS in computer science.

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Difference between Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science with Computer Science?

You don't get a degree with a subject; you get a degree in a subject. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Bachelor of Computer Science are common descriptions of this degree.

Does MIT have Washington accord accreditation?

The following MIT degree programs are accredited by the Washington Accord:Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)Aerospace Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Aerospace Engineering - Information Technology (Bachelor of Science)Chemical Biological Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Chemical Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Civil Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)Electrical Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Engineering - Course 2A (Bachelor of Science)Environmental Engineering Science (Bachelor of Science)Materials Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Mechanical and Ocean Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Nuclear Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)

Is Bsc Computer Science means Bachlor of Engineering?

Bsc Computer Science does not mean Bachelor or Engineering. It means Bachelor of Science Computer Science. Bachelor of Engineering is B.Engr.

What experience is required for computer science?

Bachelor/Master of technology in computer science or Master of computer appilcations or Bachelor/Master of science in computers

Bachelor of computer science or bachelor of applied science?

Applied science is Awesome so intresting

What is a bscs and mscs?

bachelor of science computer sciencemaster of science computer science

What are the coarses of lyceum cavite?

bachelor of science in travel and tourism administration bachelor of science in information technology bachelor of science in business administration bachelor of science in accountancy bachelor of arts in communication bachelor or science in foreign service bachelor of science in education(major in english) bachelor of science in elementary education bachelor of science in computer engineering bachelor of science in electronics engineering bachelor of science in electrical engineering bachelor of science in industrial engineering bachelor of science in mechanical engineering bachelor of science in civil engineering bachelor of science in hotel and restaurant management

What are some career paths that pertain to technology?

There are different career paths in regards to technology. Courses offered in Universities includes Bachelor of Science in information and technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering , or Bachelor of Science in computer Science.

Offered courses in university of Rizal State College?

Undergraduate Degree Programs* Bachelor in Agricultural Technology* Bachelor of Arts* Bachelor of Arts in Literature* Bachelor of Arts in Sociology* Bachelor of Elementary Education* Bachelor of Home Technology* Bachelor of Science in Accountancy* Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management* Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering* Bachelor of Science in Agriculture* Bachelor of Science in Biology* Bachelor of Science in Business Administration* Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering* Bachelor of Science in Community Development* Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering* Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering* Bachelor of Science in Electronics Communication Engineering* Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science* Bachelor of Science in Fisheries* Bachelor of Science in Forestry* Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering* Bachelor of Science in Guidance & Counseling* Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education* Bachelor of Science in Information Management* Bachelor of Science in Mathematics* Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering* Bachelor of Science in Office Administration* Bachelor of Science in Psychology* Bachelor of Science in Social Work* Bachelor of Secondary Education* Bachelor of TechnologyDiploma & Short-term Programs* Career Education Development Program* Certificate in Professional Education* Certificate in Professional Librarianship* Certificate of Technology* Computer Management Technology* Computer System Technology* Three-Year Biomedical Technician Course* Two-Year Certificate in Computer Operations for the Hearing Impaired* Diploma in Computer Secretarial* Diploma in Farm Mechanics* Diploma in Fiber Technology* Diploma in Forestry* Diploma in Home Technology* Diploma in Textile Technology* Engineering Technology* Extension Program and ServicesFor the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( indicated below this answer box.

What are the Top 10 in demand course in the Philippines this 2012?

1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2. Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management 3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 4. Bachelor of Science in Criminology 5. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 6. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 7. Bachelor of Science in Business Management 8. Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education 9. Bachelor of Science in English Education 10. Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Does Communications and Computer Engineeering include all the bachelor of Computer Science?

Depends on the county. Some have bachelors at Mathematics Applied to Electronics and such a bachelor is in the Computer Science category. So the answer is no, those are not the only bachelors of computer science.

What are the hardest courses in college?

Honestly, the hardest courses in college vary depending upon the students talents or lack there of. The hardest courses for me in college were: Physics (my teacher talked about his family every lecture time, instead of describing how Physics worked), and Trigonometry (the class deals with a lot of shapes, and has too many formulas that you will NEVER utilize in real life). The hardest courses in College are the ones you are not interested in. If you get a teacher that does not suit your learning style then you will still do well if you are interested in the subject because you will get the information from other sources. The best teacher in the world cannot teach you much if you are uninterested.

What is the difference between BS computer science and BE computer systems degrees?

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science focuses on things like programming and coding. A Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems focuses the design of computer and software systems. The latter stresses design and the former stresses implementation.

What is the highest paying job you can get with an bachelor of science degree?

computer science and or chemical engineering.

Do I have to get a Bachelor of Science degree if I already have a Bachelor of Arts degree to get a Masters in Computer Science?

Look at the requirements for the master's program you want to enter.

What is the scope of Bachelor of Computer Science BCS Honours?

you can get job in banking computer operator..........

Is it bachelor of Science or bachelor's of Science?

bachelor of science

What degree do you get by doing bachelor of computer applications?

Typically it is a Bachelors in Science.

Is it bachelor of science degree in Food Science or bachelor of science in Food Science?

The degree is Bachelor of Science. The field is Food Science. So most likely, Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science.

What education does a software engineer require?

Usually a Bachelor of Science in a technical field such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc.

What qualifications are needed to become a software devloper?

Bachelor of engineering in computer science/information science and along with basic computer and programming knowlegde

Is there or was there a Nintendo University in Redmond Washington?

Nintendo University is a street name for DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA. It is an accredited school offering:Mathematics, Science, and Engineering : :* Bachelor of Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation :* Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering :* Master of Science in Computer Science Art and Animation : :* Associate of Applied Arts in 3D Computer Animation :* Bachelor of Fine Arts in Production Animation

What is better Bachlor of computer science and Bsc computer Science?

Bachelor of Computer Science is a type of bachelor's degree, usually awarded after three years of collegiate study in computer science. In general Computer Science degrees emphasize the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing. A Bachelor of Computer Science degree is normally required in order to work in the field of software development. Both are better, and both are of 3 years. It just the name of degree, nothing much difference in which is better and not.

What are the lists of bachelor's degree abbreviations?

BA - Bachelor of ArtsBAcc - Bachelor of AccountingBAE - Bachelor of Arts and EconomicsBArch - Bachelor of ArchitectureBASc - Bachelor of Arts and ScienceBAppSc - Bachelor of Applied ScienceBBA - Bachelor of Business AdministrationBCJ - Bachelor of Criminal JusticeBCL - Bachelor of Civil LawBCoun - Bachelor of CounselingBD - Bachelor of DivinityBDes - Bachelor of DesignBDS or BChD - Bachelor of Dental SurgeryBEcon - Bachelor of EconomicsBEcon&Fin - Bachelor of Economics and FinanceBEd or EdB - Bachelor of EducationBEng or BE - Bachelor of EngineeringBFA - Bachelor of Fine ArtBFin - Bachelor of FinanceBHSc - Bachelor of Health ScienceBLitt or LittB - Bachelor of Literature or Bachelor of LettersBLS - Bachelor of Library ScienceBMedSc or BMSc - Bachelor of Biomedical scienceBMid - Bachelor of MidwiferyBMin - Bachelor of MinistryBMSc - Bachelor of Medical ScienceBMus or MusB - Bachelor of MusicBNurs or BN - Bachelor of NursingBPharm - Bachelor of PharmacyBPhys - Bachelor of PhysicsBPhil - Bachelor of PhilosophyBS - Bachelor of ScienceBSc(Psych) - Bachelor of Science in PsychologyBSc - Bachelor of ScienceBSc(Econ) - Bachelor of Science in EconomicsBSc(Eng) - Bachelor of Science in EngineeringBScEcon/BScEc - Bachelor of Economic and Social StudiesBSocSc - Bachelor of Social ScienceBTchg- Bachelor of TeachingBTech - Bachelor of Technology (not to be confused with BTEC)BTh, ThB or BTheol - Bachelor of TheologyLLB - Bachelor of LawsMB or BM - Bachelor of MedicineBS, ChB, BChir or BCh - Bachelor of SurgeryBVetMed, VetMB, BVMS or BVM BVS- Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (& Surgery)BVMedSc or BVSc - Bachelor of Veterinary (Medical) ScienceBOptom - Bachelor in Clinical Optometry

What is the highest paying jobs can you get with a bachelor degree?

Computer Science Bro $100,000 + per year