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When could African Americans vote?

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African Americans could vote 1865. The first one to be elected was Edward Brooke in 1966.

The 15th amendment to the US Constitution was ratified in 1870 and gave former male slaves the legal right to vote. However, many southern states added requirements such as literacy tests and poll taxes that were designed to keep blacks from voting. In 1957, Congress passed a Civil Rights Act that made it difficult to deny voting rights based on race.
African Americans were granted the right to vote in the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

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What did grandfather clauses mean to African Americans who wanted to vote?

They could not vote if their grandfather had not been allowed to vote.

Could African Americans vote before the civil war?


What kind of boundaries were placed on African Americans?

they could not vote

Why did the African Americans have to pay a poll tax?

they could vote.

Who could not vote in the election of 1828?

Non-US Citizens, Women, and African-Americans could not vote at that time.

How did African-Americans got the right to vote?

how did African Americans get the right to vote

When could African Americans register to vote in the US?

The year was 1965.

How did FDR get African Americans to change their party?

He didn't. They couldn't vote. It wasn't until the 1960's that African Americans could vote because of the voting rights act.

3 ways in which African Americans were discriminated against during the post reconstruction era?

1. African Americans could not could not take the loyalty oath 2. African Americans could not vote. 3. couldn't hold office.

How did the black codes affect African Americans?

they could not vote,and it limited their rights.

What was voting like it the 15th amendmen 1896?

African Americans could vote

When was the day that the negros could vote?

The day that African Americans were allowed to vote is an important date. August 6th, 1965, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, which allowed African Americans the right to vote.

When were African Americans allowed their right to vote in the U.S.?

around the 1870's African Americans were allowed to vote

During the Gilded Age why could African Americans not vote?

During the gilded age African Americans could not vote because Voting rights were taken, education was limited, and jobs were unavailable due to racism and new immigration policy.

How did poll taxes place limits on African-Americans?

They limited the number of people to those who could afford to vote.

Which groups did not benefit from increased suffrage in the US?

The groups that did not benefit from increased suffrage in the United States was all white males could vote and hold office. But still women couldn't vote nor can African Americans, males or females could vote. In some states even free African Americans couldn't vote.

When did African Americans start to vote?


In the 1870s were African Americans able to vote?


Who do African Americans vote for?

The best candidate.

How many people could vote in 1870?

Men who were 21 were able to vote. African Americans were given the right but not allowed to vote and women didn't get the vote until the 1920's.

The twenty fourth amendment helped african americans to vote by?

The twenty-fourth amendment helped African Americans to vote by eliminating poll taxes.

How did the poll tax literacy tests and grandfather clauses limit African American suffrage?

In order for freedmen to vote, they must pay poll taxes, take a literacy test and must approve of the grandfather clause. Some African Americans could pay the poll taxes, and many can take and pass literacy tests due to the fact that most were born in the US. However, there was a loophole that made it impossible for African Americans to vote. The grandfather clause is what made it impossible. This stated that in order for you to vote, your grandfather must have participated in the election of 1860. Since African Americans were still slaves during this time period, they could not vote. In which those present African Americans could not vote either.

Guaranteed the right to vote to African-Americans?

the 15 amendment

Why did poll taxes hurt low income African-Americans?

A poll tax was a fee required to vote. A person who who could not or did not want to pay the fee could not vote. Poll taxes discouraged ex-slaves from voting.

Why was it unusual that African Americans supported Franklin D Roosevelt?

.FDR was a Democrat and most African Americans voted Republican.