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conception would be my best bet.

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Q: When could have your baby actually been conceived?
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Is it possible to for the conception date to be July 2 if the child was born May 5?

If the baby had been conceived on the 2 July it would have been born around the 25th of March.Thje baby was conceived around the 12th of August. All the best.

You conceived on Jan 1st 2005 When would your baby have been born?

some time in September or august

When would the baby have been conceived if your due date is March 12 2011?

Roughly June 18th 2010

Is there a posibility that a 48 yr old woman will have a baby?

As a matter of fact, yes. There has been a report of a 70 year old woman who conceived a baby, although she and the child ran in to complications.

When can you first find out that you have a baby?

if you missed a period, (or it's been about a month since you think you conceived it) then you can finally buy a pregnancy test and see..

What if your hcg level is 0.1 percent but if you conceived it would have only been 2 weeks ago Could you be pregnant?


Can you adopt a baby if you have been arrested?

NO actually, it depends on what you were arrested for and if you were convicted.

Can you be pregnant and lose the baby and not know that you loss the baby and your period comes on regularly?

Yes of course you can... many babies are conceived before a period has even been missed and just stops developing after a few days.

Who was the first baby boomer president?

Bill Clinton , born in 1946, is the first baby boomer to be US President. He was truly part of the baby boom, since he was conceived soon after his father returned from the service. When the soldiers came back from fighting in the World War II after having been away from their wives for 4 years of so, a large number of babies were conceived and born, producing what was called the baby boom. Babies born in 1946 or 1947 were called baby boomers.

How many weeks are you if you conceived on April 20th?

As of 5/24/12, you would have been conceived for a month and four days.

How can one find out how far along they are in their pregnancy?

One can find out how far along they are in their pregnancy by consulting their doctor. A doctor can determine when the baby was conceived, and therefore how long it has been alive.

What is the song with the lyrics I have been thinking lately that you could be my baby?


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