When denied for life insurance for drug test what can i do?

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Well - sounds like you failed your drug test!! -- Only thing to do is Get off Street Drugs and try a different Life Insurance company or If drug test failure was from prescription drugs - get your physican to write a letter about the results of the drug test being the product of his treatment of your health issues.

The above info is not the way to handle failed drugs and life insurance for a number of reasons.

When you apply for life insurance, the majority of life insurance companies use the MIB - Medical Information Bureau service. When you apply to a company, the MIB system gets coded so that other companies will know you have an application pending somewhere else. If you get declined for drug use, the system is coded to put up a red flag. Any life insurance company you go to will know you previously applied and were denied.

If your decline was due to marijuana, there are a few companies that will consider you for coverage.

If decline was due to something such as cocaine, meth, opiates, etc.. you are going to have a hard time getting coverage until you can show some formal treatment records...rehab, AA, doctor treatment, etc.
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What reasons can a life insurance company use to deny a claim?

Answer . \nIf it is beyond the 1st two years, nothing short of dying while commiting a felony. They will deny the claim if the insured did not die! They will deny the claim until satisfactory proof of death. IS the policy over two years old? 4lifeguild.com

Does an illegal drug overdose cancel a life insurance policy?

Generally no. Was the person a drug user when the policy was taken out? Was it admitted on the application?. No. The only exception would be if the policy was in the first two years and the person lied about drug use when the policy was obtained. If it is beyond two years, or the person did not lie ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you are denied life insurance?

The first step is to find out why you were declined for life insurance. If you were declined due to an existing health issue, it may simply be due to going to the wrong life insurance company. If you have a present health issue or one in the past, it is critical that you work with an impaired risk ( Full Answer )

Does Vicodin show up on drug testing for life insurance?

It depends on the drug screen, but it is likely that it will show up, since most modern drug screens include hydro- and oxycodone on the list In rare cases, there are special boxes which a doctor or whoever is responsible for authorizing/requiring a UA must check specifically, separate from the 'opi ( Full Answer )

What are you tested for when applying for life insurance?

Answer . I have sold insurance for 18+ years and the nurses always draw blood and get a urinalysis. I have known of Co's refusing for diabetes ect... in blood samples, but nothing on urine. Its at death that the test then run, make a difference if payment is made to beneficiary.

What to do if denied life insurance for depression?

There are several options you have. One is a Guaranteed Issue policy. The other is carefully evaluating your situation and other company guidlines. I can help you. 4lifeguild Traditional life insurance for depression is available from a number of companies. The problem that many insureds with depre ( Full Answer )

What example will be thought of to deny life insurance if clean with health?

Only if company has prohibitions against certain activities such as aircraft test pilot or underwater welder or whatever risky profession or sport you can think of. Most policies ask if insured is car racer, cave explorer or hangglider/parachutist or scuba diver etc. If health is ok you can get insu ( Full Answer )

If one was denied life insurance for taking drugs in the past will that information be shared with a different life insurance company?

The information may, or may not be available for review by all isnurance companies across the country.. Usually, the medical examination results from a physical exam for life insurance are shared with the M.I.B. (Medical Information Bureau), which is accessible by most life insurance companies.. H ( Full Answer )

Can recovering drug addicts get life insurance coverage?

Yes, it may be possible for recovering drug addicts to get life insurance coverage.. It depends on which company you request coverage from and what their underwriting guidelines are for approval.. Some life insurance companies offer coverage for high risk individuals, and specialize in finding cov ( Full Answer )

Do you have to take the urine test for life insurance?

Not all insurance companies require a urinalysis. It is largely based on the death benefit so if you are worried you would need to stay below that threshold. Only thing is when they ask you if you do drugs or have diabetes and you are an honest person that info is now out anyway. If you have conditi ( Full Answer )

Do all life insurance companies test for marijuana?

Depending on the amount applied for and whether they require a blood test for that amount they will. The question about drugs is always on the application regardless of amount so if you were to answer honestly (suggested) they would know. In some cases you are simply rated as a smoker. Other compani ( Full Answer )

I had a dip on the 17th i barley ever chew I have a drug test for a life insurance policy on the 31st Will i be fine PS Im 6'1 190lbs and very active?

Dip does not show up in drug tests. Drug tests only detect illegal substances and sometimes alcohol, there is no way to test for tabbacco so you should be fine.. Dip does not show up in drug tests. Drug tests only detect illegal substances and sometimes alcohol, there is no way to test for tabbacco ( Full Answer )

How to pass a Life insurance test for tobacco?

Smokers are penalized by the insurance industry because of their higher mortality rate. Possner of Exam & Profile Services says, "Cigarettes [nicotine] will show up many days or even weeks after use in somebody's urine. It will probably still show up if someone has refrained from smoking for a short ( Full Answer )

Does life insurance test for marijuana?

No. When you get your blood taken for the policy, they generally do not test for marijuana. You can also get a simplified issue policy that does no blood test. It will just be more expensive. Traditional life insurance is available with a number of life insurance companies. There is even a company ( Full Answer )

When you get drug tested for life insurance do they watch you?

not only do they watch you, mostly all have their own medical team who administers the test for them. they have nurses who come to your home and weigh you, take blood pressure, draw blood, pull hair, do everything you would do at a normal doctor visit and then some! and they ask a ton of questions. ( Full Answer )

Do life insurance companies test for HIV?

Yes, life insurance companies do test for HIV. However, some life insurers may provide coverage for people with HIV.. Depending on the insurer and amount of coverage, you may or may not be tested. However, you will have to answer health questions which usually ask about HIV.

Do met life life insurance companies test for HIV?

I believe they cant not test for hiv because its against the law . Answer is No This answer is not correct. The do test for HIV and most likely will not offer any type of life insurance if you test positive. There is not law prohibiting them from testing. For full disclosure, I own and operate ( Full Answer )

How does the test affect life insurance?

My brother didn't get life insurance because the test revealed he had cancer. After a bone marrow transplant, he is Ok now. But the Physical test determines the insurance companies portion of the bet on your life.

Do life insurance companies test for Suboxone?

\nMost of the time they don't, but you can get your doctor to call the insurance company and tell them that he is prescribing them for migraine headaches instead of for opiate dependency, if your insurance comp. knows what it is really for than they will not cover it! Just get your doc to play along ( Full Answer )

Can the insurance company deny a life insurance claim if the insured dies before they receive the application and premium?

Yes, the insurance company can deny a life insurance claim in the event of death before the company receives the application and premium. The question uses the word "insured" but at this stage in the process, the correct description would be "applicant" or "proposed insured". Life insurance protecti ( Full Answer )

Can you be legally denied for life insurance while pregnant?

yes. if your general non pregnant health makes you uninsurable. and if your pregnancy is high risk for the mother they can as well, if this is the case shop around, their are specialty companies that might insure you depending on the condition. Or just wait till after you have the baby

Can insurers deny life insurance coverage due to ulcerative colitis?

Life insurance companies can definitely deny coverage due to ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative Colitis falls into the "impaired risk life insurance" category. It is critical that anyone with ulcerative colitis considering life insurance, work with an impaired risk life insurance expert. Every lif ( Full Answer )

Does Northwestern Mutual Drug Test its Life Insurance Applicants?

Yes, every time. If you contribute small amounts at your initial agreement date (and moving foward), you'll only receive an oral saliva swab test. If you coughing up the big bucks, you'll be monitored by a nurse and required to pass urine and blood screenings. Good Luck!

Why are people rated or denied for life insurance?

If an individual is ill of health or has health risks he may be rated or declined. If someone is at risk of a heart attack he would be heavily rated. If someone has Hepatitis, cancer or AIDS he would be declined, altho there are some companies available that will still issue policies if the applic ( Full Answer )

Can you be denied a job if prescribed xanax shows up on a drug test?

Well...that all depends. If the job requires you to use heavy machinery, fly an airplane, or any other task that requires full mental awareness then my guess would be yes. However, I am sure that if you took the company to court and could prove that is the reason why they didn't hire you, you would ( Full Answer )

If birth year is wrong will life insurance claim be denied?

If the birth year is wrong this needs to be brought to the insuring company's attention immediately as the rates and policy are based in part on the age and health condition of the insured. If incorrect information is listed on the policy then that could be grounds for denial of coverage. If a clai ( Full Answer )

Does aetna drug test health insurance applicants?

I have never had to take one for Aetna. They might come up in a doc visit possibly but that would be in a pain management type situation where that are prescribing narcotics full time

What test does a life insurance company do?

A life insurance company requires an application to consider issuing a policy. It requires the applicant to answer various questions and to provide personal information of various types. Among these are questions concerning the applicant's health history. This is sought in order to determine whether ( Full Answer )

Do life insurance test for cancer?

They don't "test" for cancer but the question is in the application and interview process. The insurance company will also check with the MIB and your Dr's. You can attempt to lie on the application and hope to get issued a policy but this is never a good practice. Instead, you can buy a policy that ( Full Answer )

When shopping for life insurance do you have to disclose denied coverage?

You must honestly answer all questions on the application. Ordinarily, there is a question pertaining to prior denials of insurance. If you do not accurately answer the question the insurer may have a later basis for denying payment of a claim. Alternatively, if the misrepresentation is discovered ( Full Answer )

Can a student deny a drug test?

No, you can't deny a drug test. because that could mean you have some drugs in your system and that would get you in even more trouble. plust drug tests are monthly and you have to take them signed by your city or states law enforcement.

Can you be denied life insurance money if someone was murdered but they may have had drugs in their system?

Read the policy. Generally under most individual life insurance policies, after the first two years the policy will cover death under about any circumstances. Of course, under most state laws the person committing the murder cannot be the beneficiary so payment would be to the secondary beneficiary ( Full Answer )

What test do primerica run for life insurance?

Each state has their own requirements Primerica just adheres to those. Check your state insurance regulations regarding what is required. Cool thing is they pay for you're license.

How do you get a denied life insurance claim paid?

There are a few things you can do if you have a life insurance death claim that was denied. What you should not do is try to dispute the denial by yourself. Disputing death claims should be handled by a professional who has a lot of experience dealing with life insurance denials. So two options: 1. ( Full Answer )

Will citalopran show on a drug test for insurance purposes?

citalopram is an antidepressant that is is legal to use (assuming you are in the united states). Most urinalyses would be testing for drugs that have been designated as having no medical benefit in the united states, so it theoretically wouldn't even be screened for by normal analysis. assuming t ( Full Answer )

How long does it takes to the insurance company to approve or denied an application for life insurance?

There are insurance plans that can get instant approval, or situations when medical records are needed and it could take up to couple of months, depending of the Dr's office and how fast are they sending the records to the insurance company. Usually, when you're looking for the cheapest possible in ( Full Answer )