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He took his office in 1861

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Q: When did Abraham Lincoln first take office?
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What year did Abraham Lincoln take office?

Abraham Lincoln took office in 1861.

What day did Abraham Lincoln take office for president?

On March 4th, 1861, Abraham Lincoln took office for president.

How did Abraham Lincoln take office?

march 14 in 1861

When did Abraham Lincoln take the oath of office?

June 5, 1723

What day did Abraham Lincoln take office as president?

March 4th, 1861

Where did Abraham Lincoln first take office?

The first elected office Lincoln held was as a member of the Illinois General Assembly. Thereafter, he served a term as a member of US House of Representatives. He was later elected in 1860 as President of the US.

On which Bible does the newsly elected president plan to take his oath of office?

President Obama swore the oath of office on Abraham Lincoln's Bible.

What risks did Abraham Lincoln take?

abraham Lincoln took the risk of letting the slaves

What major actions did Abraham take at the time of the Getty's Burg Address?

Abraham Lincoln was apponted to office and his speech was about how all men are equal no matter what the skin color is

Who became president of the union U.S in 1860?

Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860. He did not take office until March 4,1861.

What did Abraham Lincoln take stand for?

Lincoln stood for union and for freedom.

How did Abraham Lincoln deal with the state of the Union during his first month in office?

Well I had this question on my History Final for FLVS and I chose: He was careful not to take any actions to cause other states to secede.

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