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The last known eruption was in the year 2008.

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Big ben is a compisite volcano

Big Ben is a compisite volcano

Occasionally it depends on how big the volcano is but most of the time no

Big Ben volcano is located on Heard Island, which lies 4100 km south-west of Perth, Western Australia.

yes because the earth plate is straight when the earth quake comes the volcano moves but nothing will happen but if its a really big earth quake And the volcano will erupt because of the pressure and the plates can hold the pressure so the volcano will erupt so can a tsunami occur.

Depends on the volcano, how big it erupts too.

The best way to make a model volcano erupt is by using diet coke and mentos. It works better than baking soda and vinegar if you are looking for a big eruption.

No ... it depends on how big the volcano is and the mass ... so the answer is no.

It is most likely going to erupt in 600 years. the big volcano that is going to kill everyone in its path . In about 10 years is Mt.Mazama aka crater lake that is a big threat, but yellow stone is a big giant threat, because if it erupts it will destroy the entire USA, MEXICO and will damage others also

According to this website i found the last time it erupted was on September 17th, 2012so about 2 weeks ago but it wasnt a big eruption just a few small ones.

It will blow up and kill every person in the island

The Big Ben Volcano is 2745 meters above sea level and its diameter is 25 kilometers. it is located on heard island in Australian territory and is one of 2 active volcanoes in Australia. Its highest peak and major vent is Mawson Peak

Scientists haven't put out an estimated time yet. They have been saying that it won't erupt any time soon and that the recent hastened growth of the caldera was just a big lava bubble (to put in lay man's terms) that is rising up. So, no big super volcano yet.

Australia's only active volcano is found on one of its external territories, that of Heard Island. Big Ben is a volcano which resumed eruptions in about 1993.

There are plates that are always shifting around in the ground. They move 1cm every day. When the plates collide,they make a big BOOM which cause the things in the volcano to heat up. Then the heat pushes everything to the opening in the volcano which causes it to erupt and shoot out.

I don't believe there is any current volcanic activity in Oceania except for Big Ben which is an active volcano in Australia. I don't believe there is any current volcanic activity in Oceania except for Big Ben which is an active volcano in Australia.

Big Ben, located on Heard Island in the southern Indian Ocean, has a diameter of around 25 km (~15.5 miles.) The highest point of Big Ben, known as Mawson Peak, is 2745 m (~9005 ft) above sea level.

The Big Ben volcano on Heard Island was formed by repeated eruptions and the resulting lava flows. Over time the lava built up until it resulted in this huge volcanic mountain located in the Indian Ocean.

The Big one is a scientific definition of a volcanic eruption most scientist approve on the fact that there will be and eruption soon in the USA however scientist have now discovered a new fact... USA's volcano which is supposedly going to erupt is a dormant Volcano this means a volcano which is asleep/ not alive.

A volcano that erupted in 2007 on an Australian island ( Heard Island) which is 4,100 km south-west of the mainland and 1,500 km north of Antarctica.

It still is active. It has erupted in 2001, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2011.

Yes, Big Ben is still called Big Ben.

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volcanoes erupt because big tectonic plates under the ground have collided and caused magma to erupt through the earths surface when it reaches the earths surface it turns to lava. This magma escapes through the earths core which the tectonic plates created by leaving a gap when they collided. This will therefor form a volcano!

yes it will in fact it is a very explosive care full if you live near it beacuse if it is a big explosive erupption it can cause seriouds damage.

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