When did Chicago annex Kensington?


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CHI PUB LIB Try this website, at the Chicago Public their special collections Chicago Public Library Special Collections and Preservation Division Neighborhood History Research Collection Historical Note The first permanent settlement in the Calumet region was made in the early 1840?s by a small colony of Dutch immigrants. Originally from Holland, they came to the area looking for a better way of life. They were mainly farmers and began buying plots of land throughout the region. Most of them chose to live in what they called "Low Prairie" (South Holland). A few years later, another group came from Holland and soon settled in "High Prairie," later known as Roseland. The area prospered as a farm community until 1880, when George M. Pullman moved his company and employees nearby and founded the Town of Pullman. Many farmers sold their holdings for large profits, and the land was then subdivided and laid out in lots for businesses, churches, residences and schools. This growth culminated in the annexation of the region to the City of Chicago in 1889. Included in this area known as the Calumet region as well as Roseland, Pullman and South Holland, are Dolton, Fernwood, Gano, Kensigton, Riverdale, Rosemoor and West Pullman. The area continued to grow and develop over the years, until the late 1950?s and early 1960?s, when many area residents began to move further north and closer to the city of Chicago. Scope and Content This collection consists of an initial accession and four supplements. Oversized material and artifacts, separated from the manuscript portion of the collection, are described under Separation Records following Series Descriptions below. Photographs are described following Series Descriptions for the initial accession.


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The address of the Kensington Library is: 61 Arlington Ave., Kensington, 94707 1037

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According to H. Mayer & R. Wade, in their book -- Chicago, Growth of a Metropolis, page 177 -- the City of Lake View's annexation to Chicago was in 1889.

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The address of the Kensington Historical Society Inc is: Po Box 453, Kensington, MD 20895

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The phone number of the Kensington Library is: 510-524-3043.

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The Broad Walk in Kensington.

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