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When did Christianity begin?

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Prior to Constantine, Christianity was a minor sect of Judaism. In reality, the Christianity that Constantine created was little more than a blending of the many belief systems of Europe at the time. Ancient Christianity was mostly a form of liberal Judaism, but Constantine blended Judaism with the "virgin Mary" who represented the "Earth Mother" that was a basis of one of the old European belief systems. Easter was a celebration of the Spring Festival which celebrated the return of the Sun. Christmas was a celebration of the Europeans who observed that the Sun started it's southward trip slightly after the Winter Solstice, so Christmas was Winter Festival. Christianity is just a blending that has become ritualized.

Some would argue that Christianity began with the teachings of Jesus.


Paul and his gentile followers; Acts 11:26 And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.


Christianity arose about 2000 years ago with the teachings of Jesus in and around Israel. Christianity expanded considerably under the influence of Paul and his contemporaries.


There's not an exact date but since the start of time like it started with Adam and Eve.


It is hard to establish a definitive time when the community centered around Jesus became distinct enough from the surrounding Jewish community to be considered its own religion, i.e. Christianity. What you have is a dynamic and growing faith community which is fast outgrowing its Jewish roots because 1. The majority of Jews did not see Jesus as the Messiah, and 2. A syncretism of Hellenistic religious beliefs were being promulgated by Paul as he was proclaiming Jesus to the majority pagan culture trying to use terms they would understand to express this great mystery of God as he understood it, namely his own experience of Jesus' saving power that he experienced when he was knocked off his horse on the road to Damascus. At some point the diverse communities started trying to understand how they related to one another. Perhaps the Council of Jerusalem in 50 AD when the Jesus community tackled the question of circumcision for non-Jewish followers of Jesus could be seen as the start of Christianity. Of course, one wonders if gnostic Christians were a part of this group or if they came later. Another and highly related question would be when did the emphasis shift from Jesus of Nazareth as rabbi/healer to Jesus the Christ and later to the dominant trinitarian views about the Godhead? And how are we moderns interpreting Jesus nowadays in diverse ways yet still being authentic to Him so that we can feel the power of God working in our lives?


When Christ died on the cross and rose again.


At the birth of Christ our Lord, Jesus.

in the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth!

Historically, I suppose it would be when he decided he was the Messiah and convinced others that was the case. According to the Christian Gospels, this would appear to be at his baptism so around 23-28 AD.

In 33 AD at Pentecost in Jerusalem

Its hard to say when Christianity was formed. As most believers in the world will tell you, Christianity was created by Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus died to save us all and forgive our sins. In essence Christianity is an amalgamation of other religions from the region. Jewish, Egyptian, Pagan, Mesopotamian and so on.


Well, Jews believe that the Messiah (Jesus) has not yet come. Christians believe that Jesus has come. So, if you are a Jew and then Jesus came to Earth, you would then be known as a Christian, not a Jew. So Christianity basically started when Jesus was born which I guess was at 0000 A.D. (2009 years ago which can be rounded to 2000). So, Christianity began around 2000 years ago.

Christianity originated in 0.
in the early 300 B.C
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Many biblical scholars will point to the 1st Pentecost on Sunday, 17 June 31 AD, as the starting date of the new teachings of 'The Way' which latter became known as Christianity in Antioch.

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Q: When did Christianity begin?
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If you mean where did Christianity begin, it began in Israel.

In what are did Christianity begin?

Christianity began in the 1st century AD in Jerusalem.

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In life, at the beginning.

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I don't know but I do Know that Christianity was the Anglo-Saxon religion

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There are no secrets of or in Christianity. If you are asking what is the secret of success in Christianity that would be fully trusting in the Lord and begin obedient to Him.

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Christianity could be found in France when the Roman Empire adopted the religion.

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Christianity began 40 days after Jesus' Resurrection. Read about it in Acts.

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Christianity began in Jerusalem on Pentecost Sunday, 17 Jun 31 AD.

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Jesus started the reformation of Judaism into Christianity but the actual institution of Christianity was not established for a few generations. About 60 AD

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It began in Judea

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Christianity began with Jesus Christ.

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Christianity means followers of Jesus Christ. After the passing on of Jesus, the Apostle came together to continue the work. This was the start of Christianity in Jerusalem.

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In the area now known as Israel/Palestine.