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You"ve got the wrong politician! Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia was known to have read newspaper proofs of comic strips over radio station WNYC as a (public Service) during a Newspaper strike. the popular idea of the(The mayor read the comics too) was decades later revived as part of a Reingold Beer Commercial. As far as is known FDR was not ever involved in any way ,shape of form with comic strips By the way a vignette of Mayor laGuardia reading the comics over the radio was featured on the cachet of the First day cover of the LaGuardia stamp. (covers only not the stamp itself sometimes runner-up stamp designs make the cover scene.)

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt first read Sunday comics on radio during a Fireside Chat on May 22, 1934. This was part of his effort to connect with the American public during the Great Depression.

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Q: When did Franklin Delano Roosevelt first read Sunday comics on radio?
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