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Google started their campaign for their Earth program back in October 2008. It has been a huge success so far, by enlightening and teaching people about the Earth and also raising money.

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Q: When did Google open up their campaign for their Earth program?
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When the Google Earth application is running, open the Help menu and select the "About Google Earth" item. This will open a popup window with Google Earth version (e.g., build date, renderer (OpenGL or DirectX), etc.With Apple iPhone or iTouch, start Google Earth application. Open menu, then click Settings and scroll to end of the list to find the Google Earth version.

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On your device, go to the Apps tab on Google Play, then click the menu button to go to My Apps. An Installed tab should open, and scroll down to the Google Earth app. Click the app, and it gives you the option to Open or Uninstall. Click the uninstall, and a pop up should appear saying "Do you want to uninstall this app?". Click OK, and the app will uninstall.

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