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Hitler becomed dictator after Hindenburg died in 1934.

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When did Hitler become dictator?

Adolf Hitler became the German dictator in 1933.

How was Hitler able to become dictator?

he just declared he was dictator

How long was Adolf Hitler a dictator?

Hitler took power in 1934 but didnt really become a "dictator" til about 36 or 37.

Who was Hitler the dictator for?

Hitler was the German dictator.

Why did Hitler become a dictator?

He became chancellor of Germany in 1933.

What age did Hitler become dictator?

At round about 19 he fought in WWI and between that and WWII he became a dictator.

What type of dictator was Hitler?

Hitler was a fascist dictator.

Why did Hitler become a great dictator to Germany?

It was because of the mustache, trololololololo

Who did Adolf Hitler become?

Adolf Hitler became a cruel, evil dictator of Germany... and a gay bum :)

Is Hitler a dictator?

He was a dictator, yes.

What if Hitler wasnt a dictator?

Technically, Hitler wasn't a dictator because he was elected.

Where did Hitler become the dictator?

In 1933 Adolf Hitler became the Reichskanzler of Germany. With the support of his party he usurped the full power.

Was Adolf Hitler the dictator?

Yes he was a dictator.

Was hitler a dictator-?

Yes, Hitler was a dictator who established control over Nazi Germany.

Who was the dictator before Hitler?

Before Hitler, Hindenburg was the president of Germany, although he is not regarded as a dictator.

Was Hitler a total dictator?

Yes, a dictator for life.

When did Adolf Hitler become ruler of united kingdom?

Adolph Hitler was chancellor and then dictator of Germany. He never assumed power in the United Kingdom.

What year did adolf Hitler become the leader ofgermany?

Hitler was the chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and the dictator of the Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945.

Was Hitler a dictator of Russia?

Adolf Hitler was the Nazi dictator of Germany. Josef Stalin was the Communist dictator of the Soviet Union (that includes Russia).

Was Adolf Hitler a president or a dictator?

Adolf Hitler was a dictator. He considered himself Fuhrer and Chancellor of Germany.

How did Racism Help Hitler become dictator of Germany?

Racism helped Hitler to become dictator of Germany the same way it causes any other group to come together through racism. It is being ignorant and unknowledgeable that causes the fear that it st he catalyst for racism.

Was Adolf Hitler a German dictator?

Yes Adolf was a dictator

What factors allowed Hitler to become the dictator of Germany?

Germany was poor after ww1 so he blamed the jews

Was Hitler a dictator or a murderer?

in my opinion he was both. but mostly a dictator then a murderer

Was Adolf Hitler a successful dictator?

Yes, he was definitely a successful dictator.

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