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When did J Stevens stop making shotguns?


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Hi, I bought a Stevens single shot 20 guage shotgun in 1983. It was brand new as far as I knew, and I bought it from Gibson's Discount Center in Odessa,Tx. I locked my keys in my car a couple of years later and exchanged the shotgun for a key. I sure wished I would'nt have done that! Oh, by the way I only paid $50 for the gun. I put it on layaway and paid it off in 5 weeks. * Joshua Stevens stopped in 1886, but the company continued until 1916. Then, in 1920 Savage Arms purchased the name and manufacturing facilities and produced J. Stevens firearms until 1948. After 1948 the initial was dropped and the guns were marked "Stevens-Savage" or "Stevens Arms Co" until 1991 when the line was discontinued. In 1999 the name was re-introduced, but only on the Favorite rifle. No Stevens shotguns are currently being produced.


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Stevens made 41 different models of shotguns before 1930.Are you looking for a specific model of stevens shotgun?

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About 1886, if the marking is J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.

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They started making .410s about as soon as the .410 shell was created- around 1900- and still continue.

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Both Crescent and J Stevens made shotguns under that name at @ the turn of the century and a few decades either way.

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