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When did Japan become a developed country?

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After Japan emerged from its isolationist or Sakoku period, it began its Industrial Revolution. This period was known as Meiji, and it changed Japan's political, cultural and economic structure to welcome the modern world. It colonized Manchuria, Korea and Taiwan during this period, and it's growth skyrocketed until it was able to compete with other world powers both militarily as well as economically.

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How did japan become a developed country?

By hard work.

Is Japan a developed country?

yes japan is a developed country.

Is Japan a developing or developed country?

Japan is no more a developing country. It is a developed country

Is Tokyo a developed country or not?

Tokyo is not a country, it is a city in Japan. Japan is a developed country.

Is japan a developing country or a developed country?

Developed country

Is Japan a developed or developing country?

like the USA, Japan is a developed or post industrial country

Is Japan a developing country?

No, Japan is a fully developed country.

Is japan a highly developed country?

Yes. Japan is an MDC (Most Developed Country). It is very highly developed. They rank highest on the HDI with a 0.96

Developed countries in Asia?

japan is the most developed country in asia

When did France become a developed country?

France became a developed country in 1497

Is Algeria a developed country?

Algeria is still struggling to become a developed country.

Is Peru a developed country?

Yes Peru is a developing country and this was one of the last countries to become developed. This country is developed

Is Tokyo a less developed country or a more developed country?

Tokyo is a city in Japan which is a more developed country. It is in the top 3 country's in the world for GDP.

Which is the richest and most developed country of the world?


What makes japan an more economical developed country?

japan is a more economical country because it is a wealthy country with an advanced economy.

Is France a more developed country or is Japan?

France and Japan are both fully developed countries. There is no important differences in their level of development.

Is Tokyo a Less Economically Developed country?

Tokyo is not a country. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. It is a very highly developed city. So it is not a Less Economically Developed Country.

When did Japan become a city?

Japan is a country with many cities.

Is Japan a LEDC?

No. MEDC - More Economically Developed Country.

Was the first highly developed country in East Asia?


When did Singapore become a developed country?

According to the World Bank, Singapore became a developed country in 1987.

When did South Korea become a developed country?

In September 2009 South Korea became a developed country.

When did Canada become a developed country?


How Japan was developed after hiroshima economicaly?

Japan did not have the means to rebuild the country. It took 15 years for the US to rebuild Japan.

What are the differences between Japan and Kenya?

japans an MEDC (more economically developed country) and Kenya is an LEDC (less economically developed country)