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When did Johannes Ockeghem start composing?

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I think Bach first composed in 1698.

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When did Johannes Brahms start composing?


What popular instruments used by Johannes Ockeghem?

the choir was his instrumental choice

What music intruments did Johannes Ockeghem compose music for?

don't ask me ask whoever is responsible for your website *

What was Johannes Sebastian Bach famous for?

composing music

What other jobs did Johannes Brahms have?

He had no other jobs except his composing!

What has the author Fabrice Fitch written?

Fabrice Fitch has written: 'Johannes Ockeghem, masses and models' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Mass (Music)

When did beethoven start composing?

he started composing at like age 7.5.

When did lady gaga start composing her music?

She started composing it when she was 18 x

When did Felix mendelssohn start composing?

20 yrs oldthat'swhen he started composing

When did schoenberg start composing?

he did i't in 1923

When did composers start composing?

In the early 1500.

When did Ludwig van Beethoven start composing?

when he was 5

What age did Frederick Chopin start composing?


When did Bob Marley start composing music?


How did Ludwig Van Beethoven start his career on composing?

Beethoven began composing works of music when he was ten years old.

When did musicians start composing?

As soon as they had a comprehensive knowledge of counterpoint and instrument ranges. Mozart started composing at around age 4.

When did beethoven start his career?

He started composing at age 10.

When did Andrew Lloyd webber start composing?

i dont really no

Why did Antonio Vivaldi start composing music?

Because he was bored.

When did Mozart start composing?

He rote his first song at age fifteen

When did bach start composing?

Bach was between the ages of 18-22.

What has the author Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl written?

Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl has written: 'Quellenstudien zu den Motetten von Johannes Ockeghem' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Motets 'Franz Schubert' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation

At what age did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart start composing music?

the age of 4

When did tchaikovsky start composing?

He decided on pursuing a career in music when he was twenty-three.

When did Johann Strauss 1 first start composing?

started at age 20.